4 Reasons Winter Doesn’t Have To Mean The End Of Swimming

Let’s face it: in most people’s minds, winter and pool just simply don’t go together. But here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we’re committed to changing that idea.

We’ve brought together our top pool experts to explain that while swimming in winter may be unappealing at first, it is entirely possible – and you may find some surprising benefits waiting for you! Besides, fibreglass pools are uniquely suited to take on the chill of winter; and if your pool was any other investment, you wouldn’t want to use it only half the time! Read on to discover how to prepare your fibreglass pool for the colder months


4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Pool During Winter:

#1 Beat The Chill With A Modern Heater

The most obvious way to overcome the cold weather is to install a heater with your pool. Modern pools are extremely high-tech and cost-effective: meaning it’s entirely possible for you to keep your pool heated throughout winter. Without breaking your bank account.

If you’re not a fan of cold plunges, then an electric, gas or solar heater could be the perfect solution to your winter swims. A heater will warm your pool water to a temperature that is pleasant enough for you to swim in.

Fibreglass pools are uniquely suited to heaters because fibreglass heats much faster than concrete. Additionally, fibreglass retains heat for longer periods of time than concrete and other materials. Combine this with clever usage of a pool cover, and you’ll find your heating bills stay low while your pool stays warm throughout winter.

#2 Ignore The Worst Seasons Have To Offer With An Indoor Pool

An indoor pool is a rather extreme measure to take solely for winter; luckily, indoor pools have a heap of benefits that make the move worthwhile! Especially if you’re still deciding which type of pool to install. 

An indoor pool will not be subject to the same weather effects as an outdoor pool. This includes: 

  1. Rain will not contaminate your Ph level
  2. Storms won’t damage your equipment 
  3. Wind will not blow debris into your pool
  4. Little to no leaves to clean up  
  5. Animals and insects will not be able to become stuck in your pool 

In addition to this, indoor pools will naturally remain warmer than outdoor pools.


#3 Spoil Yourself With A Healthy Spa

If you’d rather not heat your entire pool, then you may want to consider installing a heated spa!

Spas are the way to keep yourself warm while you swim during winter. Moreover, due to their compact size, they are much cheaper and faster to heat. This makes them easy to install on your property as well. 

In addition to keeping you warm, spas can also benefit you in the following ways: 

  1. Spas provide a therapeutic release to stress and anxiety, on account of aquatherapy 
  2. Sore and tight muscles are easily relaxed due to spa jets and hot water.
  3. Studies show that spa swimming a few hours before bed can increase the blood circulation between your heart and brain, resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep

#4 Take The Plunge On A Cold Swim!

If you’re brave enough (or crazy enough!) then you may consider taking a cold swim during winter. Although this may seem unappealing at first, cold swim’s have long been regarded as extremely healthy for both your body and your mind. 

In fact, even the ancient Greek philosophers used this method to stay fit!

Regular cold swimming has been proven to boost your immune system, aid in providing healthy skin and removing that lethargic feeling you get immediately after waking up. A cold plunge will shock your body awake and some swimmers describe this sensation as being more effective than coffee in the morning. 

Cold swimming will also heighten your metabolism and decrease stress. With a fibreglass pool installed in your home, you can access these amazing benefits whenever you want! (It may take a few swims however to get used to the cold.)

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As you can see, winter is no excuse not to swim in a fibreglass pool any longer! In fact, this means you won’t have to worry about not using your dream pool for half of the year; you can swim year round! So, what are you waiting for? Check out our extensive fibreglass pool and heated spa range today!

Spas Are An Easy And Cost-Effective Solution To Winter

So what are you waiting for? A spa will keep you warm during the coldest months and let you enjoy the great outdoors!
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