Backyard Pools For Small Spaces That Give Big Fun For The Whole Family

Have you given up on your dream of getting a beautiful pool for yourself and your family because you don't have enough space? Have you been assuming that pools are only for rich people with mansions? Fortunately, that isn’t the case at all. Whatever the size of your backyard, somewhere there is a pool for you and we are going to help you find it.

Pools mean fun. It’s as simple as that, and fun is at the core of the Aussie way of life. We love taking a dip in the ocean, we love our barbecues by the water, and we love our families. Pools allow us to live our best life right at home. 

No home is “too small for a pool”.

In fact, in a lot of cases, there may be additional benefits of having a small pool as opposed to a large one. Let’s get into it in more detail and perhaps at the end of it, we’ll have you seriously considering putting a pool on your property.

Why does your backyard need a pool?

Your backyard doesn’t only need a pool, it wants a pool, it cannot do without a pool! A pool can be such a great investment not only into the house but into the family.

Just picture a lazy relaxed Sunday with the kids splashing in the pool. Or a pool-side brunch get-together with friends. No need to make the long drive to the ocean. No strangers around your kids. No vendors forcing overpriced beach stuff you don’t even need down your throat. Just simple fun – at home. Like the good old days.

Additionally, pools, especially inground pools, usually have a positive effect on your house’s value. Having a pool can increase the value of your property by as much as 8%. Since smaller pools require a significantly lower investment, this can result in a big pay-off whenever you decide to sell off the property.

Bigger is not always better

Let’s start by doing away with this misconception that only large courtyards can have pools. One look by pool experts at what you may consider being a tiny courtyard will tell how possible it is for everyone to have a pool. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is local building legislations that need to be abided by. Sometimes there is a specific amount of distance that needs to be maintained between the pool area and the property.

Small pools come in many shapes, and you can consider one that suits your backyard well. In fact, by strategic use of some beautiful landscaping along with a smaller pool, you can create the illusion of more space in your backyard. Check out why small pools are so popular!

Made to order perfection

When it comes to small pools, you will most likely have to opt for vinyl pools or concrete ones. The advantage here is that since the pool will be custom-built, you can take control of the entire process. From designing to what materials go inside the pool to the way it is constructed. You can consult a pool designer and zero in on the perfect shape for your area.

Easier to maintain

While pools are undoubtedly a lot of fun, they also require their fair share of maintenance. A great advantage of smaller-sized pools is that they require a lot less work as compared to full-sized pools. Be it cleaning them, vacuuming them, fishing stuff out of them and, most importantly, heating them.

Pool heating is where small pools really take the cake. We know you can rack up quite the bill regularly heating a large pool. With smaller ones, you are able to save a lot of money when it comes to heating solutions. This helps increase the pool’s usability manifold.

Apart from pool heating costs, you can save up on chemical costs as well. Pools require regular water treatment to stay clean and hygienic. With a smaller pool, this is another front on which you save money. While the difference may not seem significant at the beginning, they make for quite the saving in the longer run. Remember, that once you install a pool, it is there to stay.

Plunge pools

A plunge pool is basically a much smaller version of a swimming pool. They also don’t have the kind of depth a full-sized pool does. It is true that plunge pools are too small for a swim. But, they come with a number of advantages. They provide you with a great space to relax, re-energize, get your share of aqua aerobics and, of course, for the kids to splash around in. The very purpose of these pools is to wade and splash around in and cool off after a long, tiring day.

These pools can make a great addition to your garden area or your backyard area.

Swim Spas for the win

Firstly, how amazing does a swim spa sound? With the name being so relaxing, imagine how wonderful it will be to actually have a swim spa at home.

Swim spas are a hybrid between pool spas and traditional pools. They contain standard spa features such as heating and massage, and can also be used for dips, swims and hydrotherapy like a traditional pool. This is a great space-saving option for those who do not have enough space for a large pool. Swim spas are usually easier to clean and maintain as well. They are also perfect for low-impact exercise. Here’s our take on how spas can benefit your health!

All in all, a small backyard shouldn’t stand in the way of you getting a pristine pool. Talk to the pool experts and get the solution you need. From sizes that can be tailored to your requirements to plunge pools to spa pools, there is a solution out there for you.

Not just for small spaces

Due to their many advantages, a lot of people are now turning towards small pools even if they have a large backyard. This is because small pools let you use your space artistically. You can landscape the surrounding area, build a patio, or make a beautiful garden. The sky’s the limit.

The moral of the story is that smaller pools do not take away from the value of your property because they are smaller than the usually preferred pool sizes. Here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we have an extensive range of pool ranges for you to check out – as well as a collection of helpful blog posts on pool tips and tricks!

We also offer free quotes to help you get a sense of what you’re looking for. Our friendly team is more than happy to help you find your dream pool and assist you and the family in improving your property value!