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Upgrading Your Pool Skimmer System

22 April 2024

The skimmer system is key in maintaining your pool in pristine condition. Let's uncover the process of upgrading your skimmer system.

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What Goes Into The Construction Of A Fibreglass Pool?

15 April 2024

Fibreglass pools are known for its durability, customisation options, and low maintenance qualities. Let's find out more in this guide.

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The Ultimate Guide To Poolside Landscaping

8 April 2024

The right landscaping can elevate your pool and home. This guide will walk you through every step of creating the perfect poolside landscape.

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Pool Automation: Everything You Need To Know

1 April 2024

Maintaining your pool is a constant task. Pool automation systems can help make it into a simplified and efficient processes. Let's see how.

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Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Poolscape

25 March 2024

Creating a captivating poolscape goes beyond chlorinated waters and sun-kissed decks. These ideas will help transform your pool area.

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7 Pool Ideas for April Fool’s Day

18 March 2024

April Fool's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to share a laugh with friends and family. Here's some prank ideas.

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Pool Covers?

11 March 2024

Pool covers are essential in maintaining the health of your pool. Let's find out why you should consider adding a pool cover to your pool.

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How To Decorate Your Pool And Poolside For Easter

4 March 2024

Easter is just around the corner! This guide will take you through the steps to create a memorable Easter celebration in your aquatic space.

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why-should-you-consider-opting-for-a- saltwater-system-featuredimage

Why Should You Consider Opting For A Saltwater System?

26 February 2024

Saltwater pool systems are beneficial in many ways. In this post, uncover why saltwater systems are making a splash in the pool industry.

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The Complete Guide To Pool Maintenance (2024 Edition)

19 February 2024

Regular pool maintenance ensures that its water remains pristine. In this guide, we dive into how you can extend your pool's lifespan.

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How To Create A Relaxing Poolside Atmosphere

12 February 2024

Get ready to turn your poolside into a true sanctuary. This guide will help you achieve a harmonious balance between comfort and elegance.

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Decorating Your Pool For Valentine’s Day

5 February 2024

Decorating your pool for Valentine's Day can transform your backyard. Here are some ideas to make your pool area look and feel special.

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The Simple Solution To Pool Wall Maintenance

29 January 2024

This article provides solutions to pool wall maintenance, guiding you through each step to ensure the health and condition of your pool.

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7 Ways To Make A Retro Style Poolside

22 January 2024

A retro-inspired poolside can elevate your outdoor space to an entirely new level. Let's explore ways to create an enchanting poolside.

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How To Spend Australia Day At Home

15 January 2024

Australia Day is just around the corner and there are countless fantastic ways to participate in this joyous event. Read on to learn more!

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Your 2024 Guide To Actually Working Out In Your Pool

8 January 2024

In this comprehensive 2024 guide, discover a wide range of exercises and techniques to effectively work out in your pool.

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Why Is A Fibreglass Pool Such A Great Investment?

1 January 2024

Investing in a swimming pool for your backyard is a decision that requires careful consideration. Let's look at at why this is the case.

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Troubleshooting Fibreglass Pool Problems

25 December 2023

Despite their strength and durability, fibreglass pools, like any type of pool can experience issues. We take a look at how to manage these!

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Swimming Pool Technology Wishlist

18 December 2023

With Christmas around the corner we are here to share the technologies that can revolutionise your swimming pool experience!

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Tips On How To Cut Pool Costs

11 December 2023

If you are finding the cost of pool ownership is getting too high then this blog is for you! We take a look at the ways you can reduce costs.

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Fibreglass Pools vs Vinyl Pools

4 December 2023

Are you trying to decide on the perfect pool for your backyard? We are here to help by comparing two popular choices!

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Additional Features For Your Fibreglass Pool

27 November 2023

Do you know all of the exciting ways you can significantly enhance your fibreglass swimming pool? We explore a wide range of possibilities!

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How To Utilise Your Pool This Christmas

20 November 2023

With Christmas fast approaching, let's have a look at some ways you can get innovative with your swimming pool this festive season!

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What Is The Fibreglass Pool Installation Process?

13 November 2023

More and more fibreglass pools are showing up around Melbourne, but how did they get there? Let us take you through the installation process.

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Seasonal Care For Your Fibreglass Pool

6 November 2023

Learn the basics of year-round pool maintenance. This guide covers seasonal care tips and the importance of consistent upkeep.

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The Importance Of Pool Pumps

30 October 2023

Discover how to choose the perfect pool pump and maintain it like a pro for a sparkling, healthy fibreglass swimming pool!

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Melbourne Swimming Pool Requirements

23 October 2023

Are you a Melbourne pool owner or thinking of becoming one? Here is a guide to help you make sure your pool follows required regulation.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Size and Shape For Your Fibreglass Pool

16 October 2023

Expert tips for selecting the ideal size and shape for your fibreglass pool. Creating the perfect backyard space for you and your loved ones!

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How To Maintain Your Pool’s Water Levels

9 October 2023

Discover essential tips on maintaining your pool's water levels. We provide a step-by-step guide to help keep your pool in top condition!

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Top 10 Swimming Pool Games You Can Play This Summer

2 October 2023

Dive into a world of poolside fun this summer with a range of engaging water games and relaxing activities, perfect for all ages.

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Pool Paver Choices To Make Your Poolside Stand Out

25 September 2023

Poolside decorating can prove a challenge especially when it's to do with pool pavers. We'll cover popular paver ideas in this article!

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What Pool Chemicals Does Your Pool Need?

18 September 2023

Are you not quite sure when it comes to your pools chemicals? It's actually not as daunting as it seems! Lets us take you through it.

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LED, Incandescent Or Halogen Lights? Which Is Best For Your Pool?

11 September 2023

Wanting to elevate your pool area with some lighting but not sure what direction to go in? Let's take a look at what options are out there!

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What Are Mineral Pools and Why Are They Good For You?

4 September 2023

Wondering if a mineral pool is the right choice for you? We discuss the science behind them and the range of benefits.

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Dog swimming in fibreglass pool

Are Fibreglass Pools Pet Friendly?

28 August 2023

Here is what you need to know about how fibreglass swimming pools are pet friendly and considerations to keep in mind.

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Plunge Into A Plunge Pool This Summer

21 August 2023

Here's everything you need to know about plunging into your own plunge pool this summer! Reach out to us today!

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Best Plants For Pool Landscaping

14 August 2023

You have access to many plants that can thrive by the pool. Let's explore some great options for your pool landscaping project.

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Design Your Backyard Space Even More With These Tips

7 August 2023

Backyards are an often underutilised part of the home. Here are tips to help you make the most of your backyard space.

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Fibreglass Pools: How Long Do They Last?

31 July 2023

Curious to know how long fibreglass pools last? This article aims to answer that question while exploring factors that can affect longevity.

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Maintain Your Fibreglass Pool With These Tips

24 July 2023

Get ready to dive into a worry-free pool ownership experience that guarantees endless hours of relaxation and fun!

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How To Keep Your Pool And Poolside Safe

17 July 2023

Swimming pools can also pose serious safety risks if not properly managed. Here are some effective ways to maintain pool safety.

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How To Take Care Of Your Pool Equipment

10 July 2023

Let's jump right in and explore some easy-peasy tips that will help you keep your pool equipment in tip-top shape!

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The Environmental Benefits Of Fibreglass Pools

3 July 2023

In this post, we'll explore the eco-benefits of fibreglass pools and their positive planetary impact. Let's dive into the details!

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Here Are The Different Types Of Pool Filters

26 June 2023

In this article, we will explore the different types of pool filters to help you make an informed decision for your pool maintenance needs.

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What Pool Filter Is The Best?

19 June 2023

Filters play an integral role in keeping your pool clean. In this post, we'll take a look at the options to help you decide which is best.

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Are You Landscaping Your Backyard?

12 June 2023

Are you landscaping your backyard? Have you considered adding a fibreglass pool to your makeover? If not, here are all the reasons you should.

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Does a Swimming Pool Add Value to Your Home?

5 June 2023

A swimming pool is undoubtedly an investment for your lifestyle but what about your home? In this post, we'll answer that question and more!

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Cheap Swimming Pools – Are They Really Worth It?

29 May 2023

Are you looking for the cheapest pool option available? Are they worth the cost and set-up required? Here's everything you need to know!

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Fantastic Poolside Entertaining During the Cooler Months

22 May 2023

Just because it's cooling down doesn't mean you have to take the party inside. Here are some fantastic poolside ideas for the cooler months.

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A Helpful and Informative Guide on How to Automate Your Pool

15 May 2023

Looking for a comprehensive guide on how to automate your pool and make it hassle-free? Check out our informative and helpful guide!

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A Great Guide To Upgrading Your Pool Filter

8 May 2023

Discover everything you need to know about upgrading your pool filter, from selecting the right size to the installation with our great guide.

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A Fantastic Look Into The Top Fitness Trackers And Swimming Apps For 2023

1 May 2023

A Fantastic Look Into The Top Fitness Trackers And Swimming Apps For 2023 - Discover the latest must-have fitness technology!

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A Complete Guide To Owning Your Own Spa

24 April 2023

Want to install your own spa? Get answers to all your questions about saving money, choosing materials, the installation process and more!

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A Complete Guide To Lap Pools

17 April 2023

Get the scoop on lap pools. We'll help you understand the benefits, what's involved in setup & maintenance, and more!

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A Beginners Guide To Testing Your Pool Water

10 April 2023

Learn the essentials of pool maintenance and water testing with this beginner's guide. Be sure your pool is safe for swimming all summer long!

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Pool’s Wow Factor

3 April 2023

Get the pool of your dreams and impress your guests with these five tips for adding the wow-factor to your outdoor space and pool area.

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Ideas To Prep Your Pool Area For A Romantic Dinner This Valentine’s Day

27 March 2023

Looking to turn up the romance? Here are some great romantic ideas on how to set the perfect stage with your pool area this Valentine's Day.

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Aluminium Pool Fence – Merging Safety and Style

20 March 2023

Aluminium pool fencing is budget-friendly and the perfect solution for keeping your little ones safe while around the swimming pool.

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Why It’s Important To ‘Plan’ Your Poolside Garden

13 March 2023

Having a fibreglass pool in your backyard isn't enough to increase your curb appeal. You'll need to add plants, shrubs and trees to your poolside area as well.

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Should You Go With A Half-Circle Pool Or A Full-Circle Pool?

6 March 2023

Fibreglass pools are available in all shapes and sizes. One of the most popular shapes for a fibreglass pool is the circular shape.

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Why Is Swimming A Recommended Exercise For Asthma Patients?

28 February 2023

Swimming is a great exercise for asthma patients. Find out why and learn about the other benefits of swimming.

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Why It’s Important To Purchase A Pool Filter That’s The Right Size

27 February 2023

When you get your pool, make sure to pick the perfect filter for optimal water quality. Let's dive into how to do that.

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Swimming Pool Management – What It All Entails

21 February 2023

After reading this, you'll know how to create a pool maintenance routine, as well as what you should do to regularly maintain it.

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What Is A Liquid Solar Cover? Can It Really Trap The Heat In Your Fibreglass Swimming Pool?

20 February 2023

In this article, we'll tell you more about liquid solar covers and why they're such great investments for fibreglass pool owners!

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What Is A Pool Air Pillow? Do You Need It For Closing The Pool?

14 February 2023

Here we'll go over everything you need to know about how much a pool pillow costs. Why do you need one in the first place?

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The Top Pool Water Conservation Tips To Reduce Your Water Bills

13 February 2023

Worried about your pool's impact on your water bill? Check out these top tips for conserving pool water and reducing your costs.

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Tips To Keep Spiders Away From Your Fibreglass Pool

7 February 2023

What do you do if you notice spiders in your pool? How do you get rid of them in a safe manner? Let's get into it!

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An Ageing Pool Requires Many Replacements: A Comprehensive Look

6 February 2023

As ageing catches up with us all, it can affect pools as well. It’s important to know how ageing works in pools, so read on to learn more!

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Pool Cover Anchors – A Comprehensive Guide

30 January 2023

Pool cover anchors are an essential component in the installation of pool covers. Here is everything you need to know about them!

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As A Pool Owner, Why Should You Embrace Xeriscaping?

23 January 2023

Xeriscaping is a word you don't hear often. It can help you to maintain the landscape around your pool. Read on to learn more!

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Pool Chores That You Can Ask Your Children To Do

16 January 2023

Pool maintenance can take the life out of you, but it's a necessity. So why don't you get your children to help with pool chores?

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Here’s What You Can Do If Your Pool Pump Is Surging/Pulsing

9 January 2023

If your pool pump is surging or pulsing, check out what problems it can cause and why it happens. Read on to learn more!

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Why You Should Refrain From Swimming In Your Pool If The Water Is Cloudy

2 January 2023

Now that summer's here, you might be eager to go swimming every day. But is it still safe to swim in cloudy water?

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Swimming Pool Liners – A Comprehensive Guide

26 December 2022

If you're thinking of getting a pool, you should understand pool liners first. In this guide, you'll learn about the different kinds!

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Halloween-Themed Pool Floats You Can Consider For Halloween Décor

19 December 2022

Here are some pool float ideas that are Halloween themed, that you can use to decorate your pool this year!

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Types Of Stones You Can Consider For Your Pool Deck

12 December 2022

The poolside aesthetics and practicalities should go hand in hand. Here is a list of natural stones that make the most amazing pool decks.

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Plants That Can Keep Bugs Away From Your Swimming Pool

5 December 2022

Here is a list of insect repelling plants to help you create a perfect bug-free poolside garden. Read on to learn more!

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Styling Your Pool Area: A Comprehensive Guide

28 November 2022

A swimming pool in the backyard is a dream come true for many homeowners. It adds beauty to your backyard and increases property value.

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Safety Measures To Take While Giving Swimming Lessons In Your Pool

21 November 2022

Teaching kids to swim is a huge responsibility, so making sure you take the right safety measures is vital. Read on to learn more!

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How To Check The Amount Of Water In Your Swimming Pool

14 November 2022

Pool maintenance can be tricky and sometimes it's easy to forget about how crucial checking water levels are. Read on to learn more!

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The Ultimate Pool Leak Detection Guide

7 November 2022

Making sure your pool is structurally safe is very important. Keep your pool swim safe with this easy to follow guide!

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The Top Money-Saving Tips For Pool Owners

31 October 2022

Get money-savvy with these tips to save costs on your fibreglass pool! Read this article to learn more about it!

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Why Travertine Is An Ideal Choice For Pool Decking

24 October 2022

There are heaps of pool decking options available, and travertine may be what you're looking for! Is travertine more ideal? Let's find out!

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Want To Play Water Polo In Your Swimming Pool? Here’s How You Do It!

17 October 2022

What about enjoying a relaxing game of water polo at home with friends and family? How do you do that? Here's how you play water polo.

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Swimming Pool Safety – Importance Of Non-Skid Base And Non-Abrasive Surfaces

10 October 2022

Swimming Pool Safety – Importance Of Non-Skid Base And Non-Abrasive Surfaces When you own a fibreglass pool, you want to be able to enjoy your pool as often as possible. The key to your continued...

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Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool: A Thorough Guide

3 October 2022

Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool: A Thorough Guide Manual vacuuming is essential for ensuring the health and safety of a swimming pool. While many homeowners nowadays are choosing to invest in automatic pool cleaners, the fact...

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The Best Stretching Exercises For Warming You Up Before Swimming Sessions

26 September 2022

The Best Stretching Exercises For Warming You Up Before Swimming Sessions If your primary purpose for swimming is recreation, you probably don’t need to perform stretching exercises before entering the pool. However, for those who...

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Mental And Physical Benefits Of Swimming For Teenagers

19 September 2022

Mental And Physical Benefits Of Swimming For Teenagers Human beings and also most animals have an instinct to swim when they fall into the water. Learning how to swim is a life-saving life skill. Swimming...

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Most Popular Water Features For Fibreglass Pools

12 September 2022

Most Popular Water Features For Fibreglass Pools Fibreglass swimming pools with thoughtfully installed water features can also improve the value of your property. If you are planning to transform your simple fibreglass pool into a...

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The Process Involved In Excavating A Swimming Pool

5 September 2022

The Process Involved In Excavating A Swimming Pool Swimming pools are a point of pride for many homeowners. They add charm and beauty to the backyard and provide a tranquil place for unwinding and relaxing....

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Single-speed Vs Two-speed Vs Variable-speed: Pool Pump Differences Explained

29 August 2022

Single-speed Vs Two-speed Vs Variable-speed: Pool Pump Differences Explained In this post, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of each type of pool pump. If you’re thinking about investing in a pool pump,...

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Swimming For Arthritis: Why You Should Do It

22 August 2022

Swimming For Arthritis: Why You Should Do It Swimming is a great exercise for multiple reasons. But one of the main reasons doctors recommend swimming to almost everyone is that it’s one of the few...

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The Benefits Of Regularly Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

15 August 2022

The Benefits Of Regularly Maintaining Your Swimming Pool A responsible swimming pool owner should try to maintain and clean their swimming pool regularly. There are several advantages to regularly maintaining your swimming pool. We discuss...

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Here Are Some Fantastic Ways You Can Customise Your Fibreglass Pool!

8 August 2022

Here Are Some Fantastic Ways You Can Customise Your Fibreglass Pool! When you opt for a fibreglass pool, which is pre-made, it’s not unusual for you to feel limited when it comes to shapes and...

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Helpful Tips On How To Automate Your Pool

1 August 2022

Helpful Tips On How To Automate Your Pool One of the growing trends among swimming pool owners is pool automation. This is because once you have automated your pool, you will have to put minimum...

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Backyard Pools For Small Spaces That Give Big Fun For The Whole Family!

25 July 2022

Backyard Pools For Small Spaces That Give Big Fun For The Whole Family Have you given up on your dream of getting a beautiful pool for yourself and your family because you don’t have enough...

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Can Fibreglass Pools Be Heated?

18 July 2022

Can Fibreglass Pools Be Heated? If you live in a colder area or an area that has a long winter season, then pool heating is a must for your swimming pool. Once you install a...

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Making The Most Of Your Pool In Winter!

15 July 2022

Making The Most Of Your Pool In Winter! Having a swimming pool in your backyard is one of the best ways to keep fit and enjoy it year-round. But, taking a dip in your pool...

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Do I Really Need A Pool Cover?

4 July 2022

Do I Really Need A Pool Cover? When we want to install a pool in our backyard, we think of so many things before we think of a pool cover. Most of us overlook just...

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Why Water Balance Is So Important For Your Pool

27 June 2022

Why Water Balance is So Important For Your Pool A swimming pool’s water must be safe to swim in. If it’s not, your health, along with that of your family, may be at a high...

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