Can Fibreglass Pools Have Waterslides?

These days swimming pools are mostly made of fibreglass because this material is strong, lasts long and is easy to maintain. Fibreglass has become widely accepted material for swimming pools because of its sturdiness. If you are the lucky ones who have a private swimming pool, then adding a water slide can make the experience more fun. This is true not only for kids, but also for adults. Water slides can be super fun at pool parties adding a fun element to the party. They are a normal feature in concrete pools but the question is can fibreglass pools have waterslides? The answer is yes- you can add this feature to your fibreglass pool and make the experience of swimming more exhilarating.

Why Install A Water Slide?

A waterslide can be a fun addition to your pool. The benefits of installing a waterslide to your home pool are many:

1. A waterslide can prove to be very enjoyable. Nothing can give you more pleasure than sliding down with a splash into the pool. Children find lot of pleasure in this activity In fact even adults find a waterslide an exhilarating experience.

2. Adding a water slide can be very entertaining for the whole family. Quality time can be spent together making for great memories.

3. A waterslide improves the aesthetics of the pool area and your house. The pool area generally looks more attractive and inviting.

4. The waterslide becomes the center point at pool parties. People will look forward to attending your pool party because of all the fun that a waterslide offers.

5. A waterslide can be very relaxing even when not in use acting like a waterfall with water running down. It creates a serene and calm environment for meditation. Thus proving to be a great stress buster.

How To Choose A Waterslide

The market offers waterslides in many sizes and styles that can be installed in your home pool. You can choose from slides with lots of turns and twists or that have soft edges for a calmer experience.

Waterslides designed for homes are available in a large variety of sizes and styles. You could pick a slide that has soft edges. This will be apt for a relaxed ride. On the other hand, you could choose one that has lots of twists and turns. There are slides that drop sharply to give you maximum speed and there are ones which turn 360 degrees for a complete adrenaline rush. Waterslides can also be customized to your requirement and can be made closed or open.

With so many options, it might become difficult to decide which one to go for. But, the best way to decide would be to consider the person/s who would be making use of it. Also, keep in mind that you should be able to use it not only in the present but also for a number of years in the future.

After deciding which kind of waterslide you want to install you will have to decide where exactly you want it to be installed in the area around your pool.. It is possible to built any kind of freestanding waterslide on a pool made of fibreglass but make sure that it does not obstruct the fence line. This can be a risk to safety and might make the pool non compliant.

Waterslides With Independent Water Supply Are a Good Option

Waterslides with an independent water supply are safer and more enjoyable. This slide gets the water from your pool itself create a constant water top water flow. The force of the flow of water can be adjusted to the needs of the person swimming. This eliminates the need to have a pipe at the top for creating the above effect. It will almost be like experiencing an actual water park at home.

What colour, material and feature of waterslide to choose

The colours that people like the most for waterslides are tan and blue. But there is no need to restrict to these colours. Try to choose colours that go well with the outside façade of your home and give a consistent look to your pool space.

More than the colour, concentrate on the various safety features of the waterslide. The ladder steps should be slip resistant and handrails should be strong. Also, the material of the handrails should be resilient to saltwater and rust.

Waterslides for homes are built from fibreglass material that is smooth and have metal frame support. Polyethylene and acrylic is commonly used to make freestanding waterslides as they are deemed to be strong and long-lasting. It is important to buy a waterslide that is resistant to UV light to prevent fading and looking old and unattractive. UV rays can also lead to damage and breakage to the material of the waterslide making it dangerous and prone to causing injuries. Purchasing a regular metal slide is not a great idea as they heat up in the hot weather. You can get burned, until and unless you run down cool water before using it.

What is the cost of a waterslide?

Water slides are available in various price ranges. The cost will depend on what material, shape and size you choose. If you decide to choose the water supply feature then you will be paying more. You can get water slides at different price ranges. You will have to purchase the waterslide that suits your budget and requirement. Get price quotes from various vendors and make sure that cost of installation is included in the cost.

How to use the water slide safely?

Children should not be allowed to use the waterslide without supervision. To avoid grave head and neck injuries never slide headfirst. When climbing up the pool ladder, wait for turn with only one person going up.

To conclude there is no problem in adding a waterslide to your fibreglass pool and enjoy quality time with your family. A consultant or pool contractor can help you decide what type of slide is appropriate for your home pool. The factors that will be crucial in deciding what kind of slide to install will be dependent on who is going to be mostly using the pool. You will be getting optimum use of the slide if there are children in the family who will be using the pool. The children will be occupied playing on the waterslide in hot summer months and also stay away from technology. It is an excellent way to keep physically active and burn energy.

A professional can also guide you to chose the design and size that is best for your pool area after assessment of your space. They can also help coordinate the design with your exterior façade.

If enough space is available, it will be clever to install the water slide in such a way that it faces your house. This way, you’ll be able to see the children when they are playing on it.

A water slide may look like a complicated addition to your home pool. but it is not so. The slide is easy to install and does not require much maintenance cost.