Can I Put A Swimming Pool In My Backyard?

If you have a less than ideal space to install a pool on you may be wondering if it is even possible? The reality is that not everyone has a perfect flat backyard with easy access. Experienced pool builders are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to install fibreglass pools on virtually any site Here’s what you need to know.


Common Concerns

My Backyard Is Small

Many have the misconception that a small backyard means that you cannot have a pool, however, this is not the case. Most pool companies, us included, are aware that Australian backyards are now smaller than ever now and offer a generous selection of modest pools to cater to the smallest of yards starting at around 4m by 1.6 m. Here are some popular choices for those with limited space:

Spa/Swim Spa

Starting at the smallest end of the scale sits a spa, these are a suitable option for tiny courtyards, if you have a little more room to work with, a swim spa is a great choice, they incorporate both relaxation and swimming.

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are a great alternative for those wanting something a bit bigger than a spa or swim spa but don’t have enough room for a regular pool. This pool type offers the best of both worlds, with generous bench seating they are ideal for relaxing whilst having enough room for 2-3 people to swim around freely.

Lap Pools

Perfect for those narrow stretches of yard. Lap pools are designed primarily for swimming laps and exercise, however, they make a stunning swimming pool and can be used for fun and entertaining also. They come in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes.

Tip: To make the most of the space you have it’s a good idea to position your pool as close to the fence line or home as you can to free up whatever little space you have left for other elements in the backyard.

My Yard Slopes

A sloping yard is no challenge for an experienced pool builder. Depending on the incline of your slope, your home may be better suited to an above-ground or partially above pool installation. Quality fibreglass shells are designed to maintain their strength and structural integrity and are just as strong and long-lasting as one installed inground. When done well, they can create a stunning focal point in the backyard. In most cases, a pool builder will advise you not to install the pool on the steepest part of the slope if it can be avoided as it can be difficult for machinery to work on a steep incline. This can prolong the excavation and ultimately cost more money.

There Isn't Good Access To My Backyard

There are very few scenarios where a pool builder wouldn’t be able to install a pool due to access limitations. While the more access a property has the better, not only for the pool builder but for you to save on your installation costs, there’s no need to worry if it’s limited. Well-established pool builders bring with them a wealth of knowledge and the machinery needed to get a pool into a backyard safely and effectively. More times than not, the pool company will use a larger crane to tackle access issues by lifting the pool over the home and into position. Pool builders define good access as being able to drive a car from the front of the house to where the pool will go, this makes the installation quick and straightforward.

My Backyard Is Full Of Rock

If you have previously undertaken construction in your backyard and discovered that your ground is rocky, the good news is this doesn’t exclude you from having a pool, while the top few layers of topsoil may be littered with rock, the underlying dirt may not be. It is difficult to know without digging first. If this is the case at your property, a heavy-duty excavator can normally tend to the rock with little effort. If you don’t have enough room for a large excavator to get to the pool site, it may need to be lifted with a crane. Usually, smaller excavators can do the job, it will just take far longer, both will add to the cost of your installation. To avoid this additional cost, you can opt to have your pool installed above ground or partially above ground as the groundwork needed to place the pool is minimal. It’s a smart idea to discuss what options are available to you and which will work best for your home and budget with your pool builder.


Additional Factors That Need To Be Considered

Council Permits & Utilities

Each state and territory has different safety, zoning and building regulations in place. You will need to verify with the council which permits and approvals you need to submit to install your pool. Additionally, ask your local council for a site map of your backyard, this will inform you of any existing pipeworks, drains or sewers located where you want to put your pool as they can be expensive to repair. Tip: Find a pool builder that takes care of all the paperwork on your behalf. This makes for a much more seamless process and avoids unnecessary stress from having to do it yourself.

A Home For Your Pool Equipment

It’s important to remember that your pool equipment will need a home and if you have a tiny backyard, you may need to choose a smaller pool to make room for the equipment. It needs to be positioned at the same level as your pool to prevent premature wear on your pump and while it can be located away from the pool, this isn’t advised as it requires more pipework which is more costly.

Pool Fence

Along with your pool equipment, you need to allow space for pool fencing. Varied pool fencing laws are enforced throughout each state and territory in Australia and as a pool owner, you need to comply with these to avoid being issued a fine, not only that, the safety of your pool should be paramount to prevent unnecessary accidents, or worse, drownings. Factor in the pool fencing at the same time as the pool to ensure that everything will fit into your backyard.

Hire A Highly Experienced Pool Building Professional

If any of the concerns mentioned above apply to you and your current backyard, you should speak to a pool professional that has extensive pool building experience. They can offer advice regarding which installations solutions are going to give you the best result both aesthetically and functionally. Difficult sites can be tricky, so the person you hire must know how to install pools on different terrains, soil conditions and block inclines.

Fibreglass Pools Melbourne Are Specialist Pool Builders

Our team of highly skilled pool building specialists here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne have installed hundreds of fibreglass swimming pools in challenging backyards throughout Melbourne over the years and we believe there is no backyard too challenging. To discuss your options or if you’d like further information about our pool series, get in touch, we would love to hear from you.