Here Are Some Fantastic Ways You Can Customise Your Fibreglass Pool!

When you opt for a fibreglass pool, which is pre-made, it's not unusual for you to feel limited when it comes to shapes and sizes. However, this is far from the truth. It's true that manufacturers put a lot of thought into creating the perfect fibreglass pools. Despite this, it's not unusual for customers to want pools that are customized to their needs. 

You always have the option of getting the fibreglass pool of your dreams manufactured. You can make use of additional features, such as sun pods and spa combos. You can also add benches as well as vanishing edges, in order to build a pool that is unique to your needs. You’ll be able to add something new to your pool with each customization option that you opt for. By adding pool features, you’ll effectively be able to change the look of your fibreglass pool. Turn your backyard into the perfect oasis by building the fibreglass pool of your dreams. 

Features That Can Help You to Customize Your Pool 

Here are some features you can add to your pool if you want a customized fibreglass pool: 

Water Features 

Add water features such as blades, jets and even waterfalls. Water features enable you to change the look and feel of your pool. Many water features are affordable, so you won’t find yourself spending a lot of money should you choose to add these. What you’ll need to keep in mind is that some people might not like the sound of splashing and flowing water on a consistent basis. 

The area around your pool is one where a lot of people enjoy socializing with each other. So you don’t want your family and friends to find themselves competing with the noise of the water feature to be heard. In such situations, you can simply turn off your water feature. Another point to note is that water features will end up circulating the water in your pool constantly. This will cool down the temperature of the water in the pool. 

So if you have a pool heater installed, then you’ll need to take this into account. This is as you may find yourself needing to keep the heater on for longer. This can lead to higher electricity bills. If you want to learn more about water features, then get in touch to learn more. 


A popular pool customization option that you can opt for is sun pods. This will enable you to change both the look and the feel of your pool without changing the shape of the shell. Sunpods are usually added to the pool area as a tiled section that is shallow. You can also add bubbler jets if you want to create a play area, and also enjoy a water feature. 

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Sunpods are known for being attractive to people. They are more popular among kids as they can be both interactive as well as fun. Sunpods are different from water features in that they’re quieter. This means that you’ll be able to leave your sun pod on during social gatherings. Since sun pods are essentially tiled areas, you can customize them using any design or pattern that you want. 

Customized Lighting 

Another great way you can add your personal touch to the pool area is by customizing your lighting. For good pool lighting, the shell of the pool won’t have to be altered. This makes pool lighting an option that is quite affordable. You can add your customized lighting both to the area around your pool, as well as the area surrounding it. 

You’ll find that there are various lighting systems available, including those that can change colour depending on what you choose in your app. LED lights that are multicoloured are also a popular custom option for pools. With this one addition, you enjoy a different colour in your pool area every single day. At night, when the lighting in your pool area is ideal, you can turn your pool area into a centrepiece of entertainment. 

Benches and Beaches 

You can choose to add a beach as well as a bench to your fibreglass pool. This will enable you to completely change the look as well as the feel of your pool. These options are both favourites among clients, and children, as well as adults, can both enjoy these. This is because people can enjoy a water space that is shallow, which is ideal for relaxing, lounging, as well as playing. 

When you add a beach or a bench to your fibreglass pool, this would usually need a special mould or a shape. However, it’s now become possible to add beaches and benches to fibreglass pools, even in the existing shapes that are available. 

Beach zones tend to be extremely popular as children can safely spend time in the shallow water. Adults can also spend their time enjoying the pool area. When it comes to the price, adding beaches and benches can be more expensive than many other pool customization options. However, since you’ll be able to enjoy a look that is high end, the price is well worth it. 

Spa Combos With Pools 

You can also choose to get a spa with your pool. This way you can truly make your backyard space unique. You can choose to have your spa placed separately, or joined together with the pool. Consider getting them connected, as this will enable you to create a look that is seamless. There are lots of design opportunities available when it comes to spa combos with pools. 

Vanishing or Infinity Edges 

With vanishing or infinity edges, you’ll be able to showcase your pool against the landscape around it. In order to create a vanishing edge, one side of your pool shell will need to be removed. This creates the effect of the water flowing over the side. There’s a catchment tank that’s hidden below, which is where the water falls. 

When you choose to get this feature, it’s important for you to consider that there are ongoing costs associated with running such a pool. One of the expenses you’re likely to incur is that related to running water constantly. The water also needs to return from the catchment tank. Should your infinity pool be heated, then this can add to your cost as well. Infinity pools may also require you to top up the water more frequently. Keep these expenses in mind should you opt to get this feature. 


There are lots of water features that you can add to your pool. Use this guide to learn all about the water features that you can add to your pool, to truly customize it.