Here Is Why You Should Invest In A Small Swimming Pool!

If you are going to be landscaping your backyard, why not consider adding a swimming pool?

A swimming pool can be a great addition to any outdoor space, as it can complement the aesthetics of the garden, and will provide the family with lots of fun over the warmer months. Adding a swimming pool can even add value to your property. If you’re lacking space, you might think it is an impossible task to install a swimming pool. However, even with the addition of a compact plunge pool, it will make a huge difference to your backyard. Making sure you are working with an experienced pool builder will mean they can work with you to achieve your dream backyard and pool area. Barrier Reef Pools has local knowledge to help you with planning and council approval. We can assist in making your landscaping and pool project as cost effective and smooth as possible. 

Reasons To Install A Swimming Pool While Landscaping: 

The best time to add a pool to your backyard is when you’re already planning on landscaping because the backyard will already be cleared out. To install a pool in your backyard is a lot of work, and you will have to use an excavator to clear the land first. This includes removing excess soil and removing any hard rock that might get in the way of the installation. You’ll also have to remove the trees or shrubs, roots or pipes. The bonus of installing a pool if you are already in the process of landscaping your yard, is that much of this will already be done. 

Installing your pool during landscaping will also give you the chance to make sure you include any safety features like fencing laws, non-climbable zones, steps and rails, non slip pavers etc which are needed to meet Australian Standard AS 1926. By planning this in the landscaping stage, it can save you time and money, rather than having to go back and fix things later. 

Also with a pool at the central point of the design, it makes it easier to plan your landscaping, as you can then decide where you want to put in the features like decking and gardens, as well as lighting or entertainment spaces. 

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The Benefits Of A Small Swimming Pool or Plunge Pool: 

Lower maintenance and costs 

If you have limited space, plunge pools, lap pools and compact pools share similar benefits to standard sized pools, and make a great option for landscaping your backyard. They are also easier to maintain as they have less space to clean and will use fewer chemicals, less water and will even lower energy consumption to keep it running, which means they are more affordable too. Installation costs can be lower too, as the time and labour costs are less.

Return on investment: 

Did you know that reported over 7 million searches that featured the word “pool” during 2021. It’s reasonable to presume that a pool will help add financial value and boost the appeal to your property, if you are ever wanting to sell. However, investing in your backyard doesn’t just have to be about the future financial reward! If you’re looking for an investment that can guarantee fun, fitness, and family time, then a swimming pool is your answer. Pool parties for the kids, making memories with the family, or even some laps or relaxing for yourself. A well-designed swimming pool can provide you with year-round fun and entertainment. 

Health and Well-being 

Research shows that swimming has a significant positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing. So not only is it great for a full body workout, swimming is easy on the joints, can relieve muscle tension and back pain, and is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. This is especially true when you get a heating system! Find out what heating options are best for you here! Water is also known to bring a natural sense of peace and serenity to an environment. Your pool area may become one of your most treasured and tranquil spots to relax. 

Many sleek and compact designs to choose from 

With a smaller swimming pool, you will get all the benefits of having a big pool, and with the benefit of taking up much less space. Swimming pools are ultimately about keeping cool in the summer, getting exercise, and having fun. A small swimming pool gives you all of these benefits, but doesn’t take up all of your backyard space. Fibreglass plunge pool and compact designs come in many shapes, sizes and colours so you could fill up a corner in your yard, or have a feature of an inground pool coming out from the side of your deck. 

While it can seem somewhat superficial to some people, a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing pool area can become more than just something nice to look at. Planning and preparation is key to ensuring you can achieve these benefits. Planning a pool at the time of landscaping your backyard can avoid a poorly placed pool. A poorly placed pool can not only be an eyesore, but can negatively impact the entire backyard and how you access and utilise it. 

At Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we have been supporting local families for decades and helping to provide solutions for their backyards to suit their personal and family goals. We manufacture and install the highest quality fibreglass swimming pools in Australia. If you are going to landscape your yard, we can help you add in a plunge pool or compact swimming pool as a great way to transform your backyard design. Reach out to the friendly team at Barrier Reef Pools, and we will be happy to help.