How Long Do Fibreglass Pools Take To Install?

Knowing how long it will take to install your fibreglass pool can be an incredibly important decision. In fact, in many cases it can be the deciding factor for which pool installer you’ll choose between. Because let’s face it: everyone wants their fibreglass pool ready in time for summer!

How Is A Fibreglass Pool Installed?

The process of installing a fibreglass pool is a complicated, multi-step event. To keep things clear and for convenience sake, we here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne have broken down the process into key steps:

  1. Your property will need to be inspected by a verified professional, in order to ensure it is suitable for a pool. This includes checking ground stability and any sloping that may affect installation.
  2. Next, your fibreglass pool shell is ordered (by you, so congratulations!) and then the mould is fitted. Next, the pool shell itself is shipped out to you by trailer from the nearest manufacturer. Depending on travel time, this can take between 1-2 days.
  3. The fibreglass pool is lifted by crane onto your property. Cranes are typically used to circumnavigate the often crowded suburban areas that pools are popular in. The pool can oftentimes be lifted into place the same day as delivery!
  4. Pencil Compaction: this is one of the most important steps in the installation process, hence why it comes first on the job site. Pencil compaction is the act of instantly turning the ground around the fibreglass pool shell firm so that paving can begin as soon as possible.
  5. Next, timber boxing is formed around the fibreglass pool shell.
  6. Concrete is then poured around the pool, in order to provide a solid foundation for your pool headers. This also secures the paving by restricting movement.
  7. Paving bond: this is poured between the concrete and the paver so that the pool edges and paving do not become loose. Plumbing is also attributed here.
  8. The final step: your pool needs to be filled with water! Oftentimes the pool owners prefer to do this themselves.

What Can Cause Delays?

Unfortunately, there are a number of concerns that could slow down installation. It’s important to keep an eye out for these so you can avoid delays. But it’s equally as important to remember that during installation, no amount of preparation can save you from everything. Things go wrong, often not because of any one person’s fault, (like weather) and it would serve you well to keep a calm head. So, what can slow down your installation process?

  1. Time of year that you install. As soon as summer hits, everybody suddenly realises the values of pools (particularly in our Aussie heat!) This means that most pool installers will be flat out busy during this peak-time traffic. It also means you could be waiting longer for your installation to be approved if you get in too late.
  2. Weather: unfortunately, the weather can be the hardest complication to avoid, whilst also being capable of causing the most havoc. One good day of rain could delay your installation by up to 2 weeks!
  3. Local council approval: by law, every pool installation needs to be first approved by local council authorities. This involves completing a planning process and applying for permit permission, and finally submitting the entire planned pool build for approval from the council. These steps can be managed by your pool installers, however, different regions have different laws. Meaning you could be waiting weeks or even months to hear back from your local council: especially if you wait until peak season to apply!
  4. The install site: aka, your backyard. Your garden’s landscape can be a major factor in installation time. If your backyard is relatively flat and the soil compact, then you won’t need to worry. However, if your backyard has slopes, hills, ridges or even loose soil and tons of rocks in the ground, then you may be looking at a setback. Seeing as most fibreglass pools will be installed in the ground, making sure the ground is in optimal condition for digging can be the difference between weeks of installation.

…Ordering your pool during winter will allow you to jump the queue – meaning you won’t have to wait months for pool installers and council permission. It’s the last time any other families will think to install a pool…

When Is The Best Time To Install Your Pool?

Choosing when to order your fibreglass pool can be the difference between waiting a week for your pool or up to several months! The best time to order a fibreglass pool is actually during the winter months: because of the cold weather, most Australians won’t be thinking about pools, let alone buying them. This means that you can jump the queue and won’t have to wait in line for pool installers, council approval and independent contractors. Alternatively, if you wait until summer like most families do, then you will find the market crowded and pool installers – as well as the council – overloaded with pool jobs. Meaning of course that you may have to wait a few months for the installation to even begin. So, save yourself some time and order your fibreglass pool during winter.

Your Pool Can Be Installed In As Little As 7 Days!

So, now that you understand the exact nature of fibreglass pool installation, what can cause a delay during the process, and even the best time to order: how long does it actually take? The short answer is: as little as 7 days! The long answer: each installation job and property is unique, meaning that no pool company can give a blanket statement they are capable of sticking to. However, here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we pride ourselves on premium customer service and project expediency. Your best bet would be to contact one of our friendly and professional agents at (03) 5976 3872 or fill out our free online quote form today. Your dream fibreglass pool could be only 7 days away!