How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost?

Excellent question! The price of a fibreglass pool can vary greatly. Factors that can contribute to price fluctuation include pool size, range and the landscaping situation. Simply put: each pool installation job will require different methods, materials and processes. This is because each home and family is different. (This might also explain some of your frustration at getting a specific quote!)


Typical Price Range

We’ll save you some time reading: you can expect to pay anywhere between AUD $25,000 to $75,000 on average for a fibreglass pool – including pool shell, delivery and installation. 

Of course, there are some definitive outliers in the mix on both ends of the price spectrum. As a general rule, small pools and plunge pools tend to cost less than large, 12m-sized pools.

It’s important to note that this price typically only applies to the pool. Depending on your home’s location and landscaping, additional costs could arise. Especially if complications are encountered.

Factors That Can Affect The Price

There are plenty of variables that can drastically affect the price of a fibreglass pool. It’s important to take a quick read into these reasons as they could make your installation easier by avoiding complications.

Pool size is an excellent first example. As we mentioned before, smaller pools tend to be more affordable whereas larger ranges will cost extra. It’s a great idea (if you haven’t already) to clarify exactly what sized pool you’re after. Pool size can depend upon your property’s space limitations and the primary reason you want a pool in the first place. Do you want to swim laps? Then you wouldn’t want to spend extra on a large pool when a lap pool would do the trick for you. 

Certain ranges are better suited to specific swimming needs as well. Our Billabong range is a great all rounder for the whole family. Addons will also affect your price, such as mineral water systems, splash deck and a spa.

Perhaps the biggest determiner of a fibreglass pool’s price is the landscaping required around your home. If the soil in your backyard is loose or contains rocks, then this will complicate the installation process by requiring further digging and complex machinery. Slopes, ridges and trenches will also make installation harder, driving up the cost of any pool installation. 

However, fibreglass pools are renowned for their ease of instalment. Our professional team here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne have a wealth of experiencing installing in as little as 7 days!

…Fibreglass pools have the cheapest ongoing costs of any pool type on the market: they don’t need their pool lining replaced like vinyl or to be resurfaced every few years like concrete pools…

Price Compared To Concrete

Concrete pools have a reputation for being the most expensive option on the market, making fibreglass pools a great alternative. A typical concrete pool will set you back about $50,000 – give or take. 

Concrete pools are also significantly harder and more time consuming to install than fibreglass. A concrete pool can take up to 3 months to install. Plus, did you know that one good day of rain can set back a concrete pool installation by a whole week? We did, and that’s why we recommend fibreglass pools!

Price Compared To Vinyl

A typical vinyl pool will cost $10,000. Many pool owners choose a vinyl pool over other options because of its affordability. However, although the initial cost is relatively cheap, many vinyl pools will need their lining replaced over the years and this can lead to some costly expenses. 

What Can Affect A Pools Ongoing Price:

An important piece of information to remember is that all pools will have ongoing costs throughout their lifetime. The price tag doesn’t stop after you buy the pool; but there are plenty of ways to keep running costs down. In fact, fibreglass pools have the lowest ongoing  costs of any pool on the market.



Pool maintenance is an easy area to save your bank account on. Ensure you are running your pump correctly, taking care of your appliances (skimmer, automatic cleaner) and keeping your pool cover on. A quick check of these weekly will add up, saving a significant amount of money in the long term.


Cleaning is a great way to keep down the ongoing cost of your fibreglass pool. The more you clean, the less your pool’s filter has to work and the less chance you have of letting organic matter cause stains on the surface of your pool. Debris left in your pool for some time can cause a chemical imbalance, which would result in you spending more than the average amount on chemicals to re-balance the water. A few minutes cleaning your pool each day can save you money over the years.

Chemical Balance

Ensuring your pool has the right amount of chemicals being pumped into it is not only healthy for your bank account, it’s also healthy for your pool’s lifespan. As mentioned before, an incorrect chemical balance (caused by too much or too little chlorine) can have adverse effects on a fibreglass pool. Rectifying such a problem will usually cost you a significant amount. Always check to make sure you’re using the correct amount of PH and alkalinity in your pool. Your pool and wallet will thank you!

There’s A Reason Fibreglass Pools Have The Lowest Running Costs!

You read that right! Fibreglass pools have the lowest ongoing costs of any pool on the market. This is in part because fibreglass pools do not need to:

  1. Replace vinyl lining 
  2. Require regular acid washing 
  3. Resurfacing every 10 years
  4. Worry about algae problems, as the surface of fibreglass is extremely non-porous

Although each fibreglass pool will typically cost a different price than the last, we hope that setting a general price range will give you enough information to make an informed decision. While the initial price may be fixed, there are plenty of ways you as a pool owner can do to keep ongoing costs down and even save money after many years of enjoying your pool. Now that you know the advantages of our fibreglass pools, we think our beautiful pool range is a great next step for you!

In Melbourne you can generally expect to pay in the region of AUD 25,000 to AUD 75,000. This estimated cost includes the pool shell, delivery, and installation. As always, these are just estimates—your actual costs may vary depending on your requirements.

While the initial cost of a fibreglass pool can be higher than alternative pool types, they often have lower lifetime costs due to less required maintenance and a longer lifespan.

Additional costs you will  have to factor in is the cost of regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and potential repair costs. More optional costs depending on preference may include decking or paving around the pool, fencing for safety measures, heating or lighting systems, and any landscaping you wish to add around the pool area – these costs apply to all pool types not just Fibreglass.