How To Make Your Pool Look It's Best

So, you’re in the market for a pool – but just any old pool won’t do. You want the best pool. The best way to find the best version of your pool – apart from coming to the most trusted experts in the business – (Thanks for visiting us, by the way) is to infuse your own personality into your pool once you’ve installed it. Alternatively, you can plan exactly how you’re going to make this new pool of yours the most amazing it can be for your home. From designing your poolside area with trendy, contemporary elements to installing a showstopper of a feature into your fibreglass pool, the possibilities are endless. Let’s talk possibilities.


Pre-Consult With All The Relevant Parties

The first step is of course to make sure everything is in order, especially if you’re in the process of installing your pool in the first place. Once you’ve formulated your dream design, it’s time to get in touch with the relevant professionals and show it to them. A great example would be if you’re replacing your garden with gravel to clearly divide the space between your pool and fence; you’d most likely need a landscaper’s opinion on how to do so. This part may feel like it’s skippable, and certainly it’s not the most exciting, but it’s also crucial to a seamless design process. Another great example is if you wanted to install a feature with your fibreglass pool: your best bet would be to check with our experts at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne to see how such a feature could best be installed.

Decide On Your Centrepiece (Or Not!)

If you’re committed to making your pool look it’s best, then it’s more than likely you already have a centrepiece in mind. A showstopper centrepiece is the perfect way to bring together your whole poolside area and/or garden. However, first you’re going to need a centrepiece! Consider what works best with your pool: should the centrepiece be an inbuilt spa, such as our Brooklyn range, or more along the lines of an illuminated splash deck? It’s important to remember that your centrepiece doesn’t have to be inside your pool. If you have any pieces of art, sculptures or seating area – these can all be made as your centrepiece. Figuring out whether your pool is the centrepiece however, or merely supporting one, is crucial to tying together your pool’s best look.

Match Your Pool To Your Home

Ensure that your pool suits the aesthetic of your home before you make the final purchase. Or, if you really want that particular pool or have already installed one, consider redesigning the poolside area to better mesh in terms of looks. For example: A large Kidney pool will look less appealing in a contemporary home that already has a smaller garden. This is because the Kidney pool range is more of a family pool and suited to multi-person families. If your home is relatively modern and you’re looking for a sleek, sharp look then your best option would be a square or rectangular-shaped pool. Likewise, freeform pools provide a fun, family inclusive aesthetic. Matching together the look of your pool with your home is a sure-fire way to vastly improve the look of both.

An undercover seating area is the perfect way to tie together your poolside area and compliment your fibreglass pool. Keep an eye on the kids while they swim and stay comfortable doing it!


Splash Out On Your Poolside Are Creativity

Believe it or not, but making your pool look its best doesn’t mean focusing entirely on your pool! Your poolside area is one of the easiest and most creative ways you can make your pool look stunning.

Your poolside area includes (you guessed it!) any area around your pool. This can be a garden space, seating area, BBQ, decking or even a spa! Here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we’ve seen some truly beautiful poolside areas designed by Australian families.

Your first step will be deciding exactly what you want to achieve with your poolside area. Do you want this space to be purely decorative and it’s main function to visibly compliment your new fibreglass pool? Or is this area of yours more for function over form, I.E. creating a comfortable lounge for the whole family to watch the kids swim? Deciding this will make the design choice for your poolside area infinitely easier. If you want some winter ideas, then we’d suggest investing in not only a couple of comfy lounge chairs around your pool, but also warm blankets and outdoor heaters. Hint: take this to the next level with hot chocolate! Some of our favourites include gazebos decorated with fairy lights, timber-walled features, a good old fashioned BBQ area for the dads and even a slide leading directly into a fibreglass pool!

A sharp, sleek look is well suited to contemporary homes


Carefully Consider Your Colour Choice

Your choice of pool colour is another important factor to consider when making your fibreglass pool look it’s best. It’s easy to get lost and starry-eyed when looking at our beautiful colour range (we won’t blame you.) But there’s a key difference between a pool colour that looks good, and a pool colour that looks good with the rest of your home. Our stunning fibreglass pool colours were designed to fit any vision you have in mind for your home; so it’s up to you to match that colour with your vision. 

Darker colours, such as the Midnight Shimmer, tend to go well with contemporary homes because neutral colours concrete really focuses the eye on the pool. More earth-based colours, such as our Sandstone Shimmer, can be a great asset in tying your family pool together. Combine this with sandstone paving and you can transform your poolside area into a beachy atmosphere.

Remember: It's Your Pool

Although all of these points are tremendously important to making your pool look it’s best, there is one single step that is more impactful than all the rest combined: remembering that it’s your pool! Okay, we know that might have come off as a bit click bait-y, but here us out: what one person might see as a spectacular pool, you might believe looks a little funky – and that’s okay! The best looking pool will be different for everyone, including yourself. So be as funky, unique, and original as you like: it’s your pool after all, and it shouldn’t conform to anybody else’s standards. You absolutely don’t have to follow any rules (although we recommend considering the points we made) so have fun with it! 

In fact, if you’re considering designing a pool to look its best then you’ll most likely need a pool in the first place! Fibreglass Pools Melbourne has you covered. Our quality fibreglass pools are built to blend seamlessly with a multitude of designs. So find the perfect pool for your home today!