Increase Your Fitness With A Lap Pool

Swimming is one of the healthiest and most popular sports in Australia. In fact, more than 81%* of Australians live near water. The benefits of swimming are as wide and varied as they are positive and healthy. From a great cardiovascular workout for the whole body, to improving your flexibility and lowering your blood pressure – swimming even improves your mood! Why wouldn’t you want to partake in all of these wonderful benefits? Installing a lap pool is a fantastic way to access these advantages. Due to their slim size, lap pools from Fibreglass Pools Melbourne can be installed in most any Australian home. 

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Health Measures First; Start Slow.

First things first: if you’re looking to install a lap pool, it’s more than likely you’re invested in your physical health. Make sure to maintain this health by starting slow. We know it’s hard to resist the urge to jump straight into your pool and start pumping out those laps. But, as with any physical exercise, it’s important to prevent injuries by warming up first. You can achieve this by performing some static stretching on dry land. This should be done before and after your laps. Next, you should take a few minutes in the pool to gently get used to the water resistance. A good way to do this is water walking. Submerge yourself up to your shoulders and walk through the water, keeping your arms beneath the water and engaging your core. Alternatively, gentle paddling will also engage your muscles and get you used to the resistance. 

If this is your first time swimming – or perhaps you don’t feel like the most confident swimmer – then consider swimming with a friend. For safety reasons, this will prevent any drastic injuries and should give you the confidence to give those laps your all! If need be, you can also invest in a flotation device, or simply stick to the shallow end of your lap pool. As always, before you attempt any new exercise regimen you should consult with a doctor or GP beforehand. Especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or have simply been out of shape for a while!

Swimming is widely regarded by medical professionals as one of the healthiest exercises you can do…

The Amazing Benefits Of Water-Based Exercises

So, exactly what are the benefits of exercising in a lap pool? Well, swimming is widely regarded by medical professionals as one of the healthiest exercises you can do. It also helps that it’s conveniently placed in your backyard! But let’s boil down to the specific health benefits, shall we? They include:

  1. Swimming engages all core muscles as well as stretching them. This is because when you swim, the different strokes use motions that require your full body’s cooperation. From kicking your feet, which stretches your hamstrings, to pulling yourself through the water with your back and arms, it really is a full-body workout!
  2. It’s Aerobic. This type of exercise has long been considered one of the best and healthiest. When you swim, you’re pulling your entire body weight through the water. This means it burns tonnes of calories, as opposed to isolated body groups like weight-lifting. It’s also been proven to give you a better night’s sleep!
  3. The natural buoyancy of water means swimming is safe for those with frail bones and has a very low risk of injury. It’s also very easy on joints and can soothe join-pains. (Especially if you have a mineral pool!)
  4. No sweat! If sweating turns you off other exercises (totally understandable – jogging, we’re looking at you) then swimming is the sport for you! The pool water will naturally keep your body temperature cool.
  5. Swimming is a very strong cardiovascular workout – as such, it has a high chance of lowering blood pressure.
  6. Swimming is a great way to lift your mood! It can help you de-stress from a hectic day and provide you relief from distractions. Many swimmers have described their daily lap as a meditative experience. It also has a good chance of improving your sleep schedule, should you swim a few hours before bed.
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What Exercises Should You Try In A Lap Pool?

The best way to exercise in your lap pool is simple: just jump in! But if you want a more comprehensive workout (we know you do) you should consider the different stroke types:

  1. Breaststroke – this by far the gentlest and easiest stroke to exercise. Yet, you can still burn a lot of calories. The breaststroke is good for a quick warm-up, or for more inexperienced swimmers.
  2. Backstroke – this stroke is a little more advanced but burns a tonne more calories than breaststroke. It also engages your shoulders for a good upper body workout.
  3. Butterfly – one of the harder strokes to master, butterfly also gives the highest cardiovascular workout. It is also the most tiring and engaging for all your muscles, particularly your back muscles, known as lats. If you’re looking to shred some calories from that afternoon sugar-rush, butterfly is the way to go!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a different workout besides swimming strokes, then you could invest in foam weights. These weights are designed for the pool and they grow heavier once submerged in the water. You can check here for more pool accessories. There are also plenty of aerobic exercises, such as water arm lifts, jumping jacks, leg shoots and leg kicks that can help you stay fit and tone your body. 

The most important exercise you can do is simply swimming. While it will definitely benefit you to set goals for your laps (remember to start small) don’t underestimate the benefit of swimming casually. Merely floating in the water requires you to kick your legs and arms to stay afloat – thus engage your core.

Lap Pools Can Shape A Healthy Lifestyle

Now that you know all the health benefits that lap pools encourage, why don't you take a peek at our extensive lap pool range?

Do’s And Don’ts Of Lap Pool Swimming


  • Stretch before and after your swimming workout 
  • Start small, trying for a few laps at most 
  • Set tangible goals for yourself: this week you may manage 10 laps, but by next week you could be up to 15 
  • Find a stroke (such as breaststroke or butterfly) or exercise (jumping jacks or leg shoots) that suits your needs and doesn’t strain your body too hard.
  • Have fun with it! Remember: exercising will only pay off if you stay consistent. Therefore, you should enjoy your laps, rather than forcing yourself to do it.


  • Jump into a water workout without first consulting a medical professional! 
  • Do not continue to swim if you feel yourself becoming nauseous, faint or weak
  • Forget to stay hydrated 
  • Forget to apply sunscreen

Swimming is without a doubt one of the best ways you can stay in shape, whilst still having fun either by yourself or with your family. If any of these lap pool exercises interest you, then why don’t you have a look at our lap pool range today? The professional pool installers here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne are only one click away! A whole world of healthy swimming benefits is waiting for you.