Making The Most Of Your Pool In Winter!

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is one of the best ways to keep fit and enjoy it year-round. But, taking a dip in your pool during cold weather is a teeth-chattering affair. Even though you love swimming, thinking about jumping into that freezing water can make you uneasy. This makes most people neglect their pools during winter. But swimming in winter has numerous advantages, and by following a few tips, you can make the most of your swimming pool in cold weather.

Tips to indulge in swimming in winter

Swimming in winter is a dreaded affair that makes a lot of people winterise their swimming pools. But by using a few tricks, you can enjoy the benefits of winter swimming. Take a look below to see our tips and tricks!

Heat your swimming pool

Swimming in winter need not always be jumping into ice-cold water. You can have a heated pool and enjoy the winter in comfort. A heated pool is a great investment as it will enable you to make good use of your swimming pool throughout the entire year.

A heated pool is best suited for all seasons. In summer, you can have an energising and refreshing swim. In the winter, you can have a relaxing and comfortable time. Heated pools also help you keep pace with your exercise schedule since you do not need to completely close your pool in winter.

Make sure to keep the swimming pool covered when you are not using it to conserve heat and keep the pool warm. You can also use solar blankets to keep the pool water comfortable and warm. Read our guide here on how to keep your pool area clean in the colder months.

Invest in an indoor pool

Most people love outdoor pools as they can have a good time in the sunshine. But indoor swimming pools also have their own benefits. Indoor pools and mineral pools are becoming extremely popular in recent times. Indoor pools have a decadent design and they add beauty and charm to your home.

Some advantages of indoor swimming pools include:

  • They are easily accessible.
  • You can use your indoor swimming pool throughout the entire year.
  • You can easily control the temperature of the pool.
  • Weatherproofing is not required for an indoor pool.
  • Indoor pools, since they are completely sheltered from sunlight, need less chlorination and sanitization. This means the amount of chemicals needed for indoor pools is less.
  • Indoor pools can give you complete privacy, unlike outdoor pools.
  • Indoor pools need less cleaning and maintenance than outdoor swimming pools.
  • You can have pool parties at your home regardless of the weather.
  • Indoor pools do not need to be winterised.
  •   You can keep up with your exercise schedule throughout the year.

Invest in a spa

Investing in a spa is a good way to properly use your swimming pool during cold winters. Spas are specifically designed to make you warm and comfortable, and you can use them to have a relaxing time in winter. 

Numerous fibreglass pool designs with built-in spas are available that can take your winter pool experience to the zenith of comfort.

Some advantages of utilising a spa include:

Stress relief

Sitting in a heated spa will help reduce your tension and stress, greatly improving your physical and mental health and giving a feeling of overall well-being.

Improved sleep

Hot water stimulates relaxation. This means when you use a spa, your body will get extremely relaxed, making you fall asleep easily.

Relieves muscle pains and aches

A soak in the spa will relax your body muscles and help alleviate pains and aches. If you have arthritis, you can ease the inflammation and stiffness with the help of heat.

Good for cardiovascular health

Immersing yourself in warm water will increase your heart rate as your heart works faster and improves its health. Soaking in your spa is also a good way to lower blood pressure.

External heaters

You can keep your swimming pool warm year-round by investing in some good-quality heaters like outdoor heaters, fire pits, or fireplaces. These external heaters will not directly warm your swimming pool, but they will create a warm and cosy atmosphere around the pool area. These external heaters will also add some charm to the area if you are organising family gatherings or BBQ parties, especially during winter.

Try taking a cold dip

Swimming in your cold pool in the height of winter can feel terrifying, but a dip in the cold water can have several advantages.

Some advantages of taking a plunge into your cold swimming pool include:


Swimming in cold water will give you a rush of norepinephrine, which is a body chemical that regulates anxiety, mood, and numerous other functions. It can improve stamina and attention. It is helpful in managing disorders like anxiety and depression.

Immune system boost

Taking a dip in the cold water of your swimming pool will give you a minor cold shock, boosting the immune system. The cold water will increase the antioxidants and white blood cell count in your body, which is extremely beneficial. Your body will be better equipped to fight infections and diseases, keeping you healthy.

Combats inflammation

You can help relieve inflammation and joint pain by taking a plunge in the cold pool. The cold water will constrict some blood vessels and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Boost metabolism

Swimming in cold water will improve your metabolism and help you lose weight. Therefore, taking a cold plunge is a good way to get in shape.

Prevents lethargy

Taking a cold swim will improve the blood circulation in your body and prevent lethargy.

Heightens focus and discipline

When you go for a swim in cold water, your brain becomes extremely focused. This is beneficial for the performance of your body and mind.

Healthy skin

Many people deal with issues of dry skin during the winter. Taking a plunge in the cold water can help you with skin issues.

Swimming in winter need not be a dreaded event if you use a few tips to make your pool warm and comfortable. By investing in spas and heaters, you can enjoy your swimming routine year-round. Contact us today for a free quote!