Brampton Lap Pool 12.1m x 3.5m

Brampton Lap Pool 12.1m x 3.5m



Name Length (m) Width (m) Deep End (m) Shallow End (m)
Brampton Lap Pool 12.10 3.50 2.01 0.91

Brampton Lap Pool 12.1m x 3.5m

The strong geometrical features of the Brampton Lap Pool are designed to compliment contemporary and traditional landscapes. Bold and sophisticated, the Brampton Lap Pool boasts dual entry and exit points making it extremely versatile on its position in most settings.

The Brampton Lap Pool has bench seating running the full length of the pool which helps on its close proximity to houses and structures close by. The sleek design provides an unobstructed swim area that creates a spacious feel and the perfect family pool.

Why Choose Brampton Lap Pools

1. Low Maintenance: The Lap Pool, constructed with high-quality materials, offers low-maintenance benefits. The smooth surface and streamlined design minimize areas where debris and algae can accumulate, reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

2. Durability: Brampton Lap Pools are built to withstand the rigors of regular use. The durable materials utilized ensure resistance to cracking, fading, and wear, guaranteeing years of reliable performance with minimal upkeep.

3. Quick Installation: Thanks to its pre-manufactured construction, the Brampton Lap Pool boasts a quicker installation process compared to traditional concrete alternatives. This means less disruption to your property and a faster timeline to enjoy your new pool.