Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo 7.6m x 4.4m

Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo 7.6m x 4.4m



Name Length (m) Width (m) Deep End (m) Shallow End (m)
Brooklyn 7.60 4.4 1.75 1.34
Brooklyn Spa Section 1.80 1.92 1.00 1.00
Brooklyn Platform 1.85 1.70 0.50 0.50

Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo 7.6m x 4.4m

Presenting the Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo, measuring an impressive 7.6m x 4.4m. This striking one-piece configuration is meticulously designed with the entire family in mind, creating an exceptional aquatic experience.

As you enter, the entry point gracefully steps down into a versatile platform, perfect for a kids’ play area or a water lounge to unwind and relax. The thoughtful design ensures that every family member finds delight in the pool’s features.

Engineered with dual spillways, the pool and spa can operate simultaneously, effectively eliminating any additional power costs. Alternatively, they can be operated independently, providing flexibility to suit your preferences. The generous swimming area is intentionally unobstructed, catering to lap swimmers and active families alike. This unique combination of features sets the Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo apart, offering an unparalleled aquatic experience that is truly distinctive.

With its clean square lines and designer aesthetics, we are confident that the Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo will captivate your entire family. Importantly, all our pools feature a safety step ledge (100mm wide) around the entire perimeter, prioritizing the safety of every user. While the physical pool shell may vary slightly from supplied drawings, rest assured that our commitment to quality remains unwavering, and all dimensions are provided as approximate measurements. Elevate your family’s enjoyment with the Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo—a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and safety.