Horizon Slimline 6.5m x 3m

Horizon Slimline 6.5m x 3m



Name Length (m) Width (m) Deep End (m) Shallow End (m)
Horizon Slimline 6.5 3.0 1.8 1.2

Horizon Slimline 6.5m x 3m

The Horizon series is a top-of-the-line pool design that embodies both elegance and functionality. With its clean lines and modern aesthetic, it’s the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a stylish and functional pool. One of the standout features of the Horizon series is its ample width, which provides plenty of swimming space for exercise or leisure. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just looking to splash around with friends and family, the Horizon series is designed to meet your needs.

In addition to its spacious design, the Horizon series also includes full-length bench seating that’s perfect for relaxing after a long day or hosting a pool party with friends. The bench seating is strategically placed to allow you to enjoy the water while still being able to socialise with others. This feature is especially useful for families with children who want to keep an eye on their little ones while they’re playing in the water.

Overall, the Horizon series is an exceptional pool design that offers the perfect balance of form and function. Whether you’re looking to exercise, relax, or entertain, this pool is sure to exceed your expectations.

Key Features:

  • Unobstructed swimming area.
  • Full length bench seating, ideal for optional spa seat.
  • Dual entry and exit points for versatile positioning.
  • Square internal corners allow for 90 degree paving without unsightly mitres.
  • Bench seat allows for close positioning to boundaries and structures