Rectangular Pools! Why Are They Always A Favorite For Every Household?

Are you into geometric shapes and clean lines? Then you would also prefer rectangle pools. Rectangle pools have been the go-to option for many pool owners for several years now.

Even with the numerous new styles of modern pools, rectangle pools have still retained their charm. Freeform pools can take any shape possible, while rectangular pools on the other hand are a stark contrast. That is exactly why rectangle pools still remain a popular choice among pool owners- because of their strikingly defined lines and sleek shape. In addition to their sophisticated look, rectangle pools also serve a variety of functional needs. They are much more pocket friendly than any other pool design and their installation is particularly simple as compared to the others.

This is the most common pool shape for many homes. However, it being common does not make rectangle pools any less luxurious or any less remarkable than other pool types. Instead, their high rate of preference among families is a testament to their utility and their special place among pools.

Ideal for Laps and All Round Fitness

If your objective is fitness, then rectangle pools will be your best friend in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

There isn’t any other pool shape that is as suited for fitness as a rectangular pool. Swimming is recognized as a great physical activity that not only strengthens our muscles but also the cardiovascular system. A rectangle pool allows the swimmer enough swimming distance along its length for it to be considered worth swimming laps.

Other pools could also offer the same length as a rectangle pool, however, they would lack its uniformly straight lines that are ideal for lap swimming.

Matches the Feel of Your House

Be it a countryside villa or a modern home, rectangle pools somehow seem to blend in perfectly with every kind of home aesthetic. They also work well with different themes and according to the setting or occasion.

Their straight and angular cuts make the space more formal and elegant when left as is. With a few slight additions like ambient lighting and comfortable seating, the entire vibe of the pool can be transformed into a casual setting. Modern homeowners continually opt for the sleek contemporary appearance of these pools. But, rectangle pools make a good match for almost every style of home.

Safe for Kids

Little kids running around a house with a pool means constant worry for the parents. Rectangle pools with a gradual increase in depth allow a safe and shallow end for the kids to play in. This means that there is little risk of kids drowning in the shallow end of the pool.

Also, since the layout is straightforward, parents can keep an eye on their kids from a single area. Rectangle pools are also easier to fence, so the children wouldn’t be able to go near the pool without the presence of an adult.

Cheaper and Quicker Installation

Of the many types of fibreglass pools, rectangular pools are by far the easiest to install. Since they take very less time for installation, the costs of labor and other services is also lesser. Especially with rectangular fibreglass pools, the pool comes as a fully built product and the only major work includes digging up the space to fit the pool.

This is a huge plus point for pool owners who’re looking for quick and cheap installation of a pool in their homes. Owning a pool might get very expensive so choosing a shape that is economical yet functional is the answer to your pool dream. Also, no matter the type of pool, a rectangular-shaped will always be cheaper than its counterparts.

Perfect Spot for Recreational Activities

Pools are great for serious fitness routines, but they’re also just as useful in having a good time with family and friends. Simply taking a dip in the water or relaxing on the pool-side and soaking up the sun can play a therapeutic role.

A rectangle pool is well-suited to water sports like pool volleyball as it provides the ample space and length for the same. They make an optimal get-together spot for families where the kids have a shallow end to themselves while the deeper can be taken by adults. Being around water has soothing effect on our bodies and mental state and taking an early morning dip can rejuvenate the whole body.

Allows Customization and Backyard Landscaping

Pools make a perfect addition to every backyard and if it is rectangular then all the better because it will fit in the narrowest of backyards. The installation of a pool is not an independent task. After its installation, the surrounding areas also need to be worked on to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Rectangular pools are quite minimalistic and don’t require much work to fit into their surroundings. However, they’re also very flexible and match with a number of backyard layouts. Therefore, owners can customize their pools according to their own tastes, without worrying about whether it would go well with their pool shape.

Pool Cover Friendly

It is a known fact that rectangular pools are the easiest shape to install a pool cover in. In freeform pools, the installation of automatic pool covers takes a long time and comes with a hefty bill. On the other hand, for a rectangular pool the pool cover installation takes nowhere near as long as it does for the former.

As a result, even the installation of an automatic pool cover is much cheaper in rectangle pools. Pool covers keep the pools clean and safe and if you want to install one, rectangle pools are your best bet.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

With big and fancy pools comes the big responsibility of maintaining those pools. Slacking off on pool maintenance can adversely affect pool health, which would in turn negatively affect your health as well. Not cleaning and maintaining the pool can lead to the build up of mold and bacteria. This can make the swimmers sick and it would also be detrimental to the pool.

Rectangle pools have the simplest layout and are therefore the easiest to clean as well. They are also very compatible with automatic cleaners in case you’d like a little help in cleaning your pools. Cleanliness is one of the main factors that comes into play for pools at home and a shape what would make this easier should definitely be taken into consideration.

Rectangle pools have been popular for very long, and their popularity has not been overshadowed with time or due to the wave of new trends. They have proved their worth and practicality in every home that rectangle pools have been installed in. They’re an ideal choice for owners who want a simple and easy to maintain pool. Rectangle pools are also for people who prefer a touch of luxury and sophistication in their homes. How a rectangle pool looks and how it is used boils down to the personal taste of every pool owner. And no matter how many innovations take place in this field, rectangle pools will always be a classic favorite of every household.