Top 7 Things To Check Before You Install A Fibreglass Pool

We get it: ordering a fibreglass pool is exciting! In fact, a fibreglass pool can completely transform your home into an oasis of splash-filled fun for both you and the rest of your family. Maybe you’ve been looking forward to owning your own pool for a couple of years now? Well, you’d be forgiven then for forgetting that it’s always a good idea to run through our little checklist before you order your pool! Marking off all these points will help you be prepared for once your pool arrives and also serve to answer any questions you may still have about your home’s compatibility for a pool.

#1 Clarify Why You Want A Pool

The first thing you will want to check is clarifying the reason you want a pool in the first place. This might seem like a frivolous thing to do but bear with us. Understanding exactly what you want to use your pool for will greatly help you make decisions further down the like. These decisions can include pool design, size and which appliance you’ll choose to pick up along the way. Knowing the primary reason for your pool’s use will also help you decide on how much space you can and should make available for it. Planning on swimming during winter? Then maybe a plunge pool would suit you best, as plunge pools are easy to heat during the colder months and result in less costly heating bills. This is just one example!

#2 Is Your Backyard Suitable?

Once you’ve decided on why you want one of our award-winning fibreglass pools, then it becomes infinitely easier for you to decide on whether or not your backyard is suitable for a pool. If you plan on using your pool to swim laps, then it makes sense to ensure your backyard can fit a lap pool in the first place, or if you’ll have to settle for a smaller pool to swim your laps in.

Another thing to think about: take note of your backyard’s landscape quality. Ridges, slopes and uneven ground can cause complications in the future, and this should be adequately planned around with our team of professional pool installers.

#3 Decide On A Water System

It may sound trivial, but the water you choose to fill your pool can make a huge difference to your pool’s future! Namely, you can opt to have a mineral water based system installed with all Fibreglass Melbourne pools. Mineral water pools not only have a number of surprising health benefits, but they also end up costing you significantly less money on chemical maintenance. This is due to the smaller amount of chlorine they rely on compared to traditional water systems. Besides, who doesn’t want that silky smooth feeling on their skin? Although it’s best to have your pool installed with a mineral water system first, you can still install one after your pool has been installed itself.

…A little bit of cleaning each day can prevent big headaches down the track; both financial and time-wise. So get your skimmers out!

#4 Understand Your Cleaning Requirements

It’s best to keep in mind the cleaning requirements you will have to take on before you purchase your pool, rather than after it’s installed. This is because regular pool cleaning is critically important to your pool’s health and longevity. 

The golden rule is: a little bit of cleaning each day can prevent catastrophic mishaps later on, such as pool staining and calcium build-up, or even having to potentially replace your pool filter. All of which can cost you quite a bit. We recommend contacting one of our friendly, professional team members and they can advise you on the best cleaning schedule for your new fibreglass pool.

#5 Decide On A Pool Size

Remember that tip we mentioned about checking why you wanted a pool first? This is where it comes in handy. After consulting why you want a pool and exactly how much space you have free in your property (that should be suitable for a pool if you listened to tip #2) then you can narrow down your choices to a pool size that can fit in your backyard. Knowing your preferred pool size right off the bat will make things move much smoother between yourself and your nominated installer.

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#6 Decide On A Pool Design

Once you’ve decided on what pool sizes you can fit on your property and precisely which size is the best fit for your home, you can narrow your choice down even more! Don’t worry, this is the last step before you finally get to pick your pool!

The important part now is to pick a pool design that fits your reason for needing a pool (laps, relaxation, family sized, heated, depth for diving) and fits on your property. But of course, the most important factor in deciding which pool design to go with is: whichever one looks best to you! This is your dream pool after all, so make sure it’s perfect for you.

#7 Get Your Appliances In Order

Now that your pool is on the way, it’s time for you to plan on taking care of it! You are going to need a few appliances to do this such as: skimmers, heater, pool cover, automatic cleaning robot. Additionally, you may want to invest in some purely aesthetic appliances, too: splash deck, water feature, lounge chairs for your poolside area, pool toys and floaties. These are all recommended to make the most of your pool, without having to wait around after it’s been installed. Last, of all, don’t forget your swimmers!

Now that you’re all set to go ahead and order your pool, you should take the next logical step: order an award-winning pool from Fibreglass Pools Melbourne! Our qualified and friendly team are standing by to connect you with the perfect fibreglass pool for your family. Contact us today!