An Informative Guide to Smart Pools: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Smart pools are designed to be fully-automated and can be programmed according the pool owner’s requirements. Also known as ‘future pools’ or ‘intelligent pools’, for a long time, smart pools were unaffordable for the average Australian family.

But now that’s changed, and any pool owner can install a smart pool inside their homes. Smart pools are designed to be efficient, make pool management convenient for owners, and can be remotely run. Thanks to modern technology, you can run and manage your pool with the touch of a button on your smart device.

Should You Invest in a Smart Pool?

Smart pools can come in a wide variety of price packages. There are more basic models that handle the most essential pool operations. You can also find advanced smart pool systems that can run around fifty pool features.

Smart pool owners invite fun and convenience into their lives by upgrading their pools. You can install fun features that improve your overall pool experience, such as ambient lighting. You can also choose to focus solely on core management systems, such as pool pumps and automatic cleaning.

The upfront costs for a smart pool tend to be expensive. However, you’ll be saving both time and money in the long run. This makes a smart pool a smart investment in any home.

If you’re thinking about installing a smart pool in your home, then know that you don’t have to install multiple features at once. You can start off the process by installing the most essential and core systems into your pool. Over time, you can add more features that you like.

The flexibility associated with brining home a smart pool means that you can upgrade your pool as and when you wish. There are certain core systems that you will need to install initially. These ensure that your smart pool is running properly and that you never have to worry about cleaning and maintaining it again.

The core systems you need installed are:

1. Central Management System

A smart pool’s central management system is responsible for running and operating the smart pool. All the features you want installed in your pool will be linked to the central management system.

That makes it the most important component of your smart pool. There was a time when the central management system had to be installed near the pool, but that’s changed.

Nowadays, you can download pool management software into your smart device and operate your pool through there.

If you use a smart home assidtant, like Google Home or Amazon Echo, then you can integrate that with you smart pool. Once integrated, your smart assistant can help you manage and run your smart pool.

2. Automatic Cleaning

Many pool owners can attest to the fact that cleaning and maintaining pool water can take a lot of time. Dirt, debris and foreign contaminants enter the pool any time the surface is left open. This happens even while you’re using the pool.

Foreign contaminants can also enter the pool while swimmers are using it. Swear, sunscreen, and other contiminants are left in the pool. Unless the pool is maintained on a regular basis, your pool can experience algae or bacterial growth. This will make the pool water appear cloudy, and it’ll be unsafe for people to swim in the pool.

Cleaning and maintaining your pool by scrubbing, using filters and nets etc. is time-consuming and can leave you feeling exhausted. And that’s why adding a self-cleaning feature can be a huge boon.

The self-cleaning feature automatically cleans the pool without any intervention from you. You can either program scheduled cleaning times when the self-cleaning system will kick into action. Or you can manually inform your smart pool to clean itself using an available app or by pressing the designated switch on the control box. Either way, your pool will get cleaned without you having to spend time or energy on the process.

3. Automated Salt Chlorinator

Maintaining the pH levels of your pool water is necessary to ensure good water quality. Without the right pH balance, your pool may be unsafe for people to use.

Usually, you’d have to check the pH balance yourself and gauge whether you need to add chemicals or not. This can lead to waste as people often add more chemicals than necessary. Instead of adding an ideal amount of chemicals, people are more likely to add more.

This also means that you’ll need to take additional trips to the pool supply store to purchase pool cleaning chemicals.

With a smart automated salt chlorinator, your smart pool will check the pH balance and add the ideal amount of chemicals itself. Whenever the pH balance of the pool needs to be maintained, the smart pool automatically adds an ideal amount of chemicals into the pool. With this, you no longer have to worry about checking the pH balance in your pool. On top of that, you’ll be needing to take less frequent trips to the pool supply store . The automated salt chlorinator will only ever add an ideal amount of chemical to the pool.

4. Automated Pool Pumps

Pool owners know that they need to run their pool pumps on a regular basis. The pool pump circulates water around the pool and is responsible for maintaining water health. Without a pool pump, your swimming pool becomes stagnant water, which is dangerous and promotes bacterial and algae growth.

However, pool pumps can drive up your energy bills. Because of this, many pool owners run their pool pumps for lesser periods of time than necessary.

Not only will an automated pool pump run itself for the necessary amount of time every day, it’s also far more energy efficient. An automated pool pump used 85% less energy than traditional pool pumps.

With an automated pool pump, your smart pool will assess the right period of time the pool pump should run. Then it will automafically turn the pool pump on and off when necessary.

The Benefits of Installing a Smart Pool

A smart pool takes care of caring for and managing your pool. Once you install the features of your choice and program them, the central management system will take care of your pool for you.

Adds Convenience

You no longer have to perform hard tasks like cleaning and maintaining your pool. The smart pool is designed to efficiently maintain your pool, so all you have to do is enjoy relaxing and swimming in your pool.

Saves Money

From energy bills to cleaning chemicals, you never have to spend a single cent more than you need to.

Get Time For Yourself

You can use the time you would’ve spent on cleaning your pool with your family or friends. Not only do you not have to maintain your pool, but you also get the time to nurture your relationships, enjoy your hobbies, or spend your time however you like.

Increase Property Value

Smart pools will also increase your property’s value. If you thought that adding a swimming pool would increase property value, then a smart pool will push those numbers even higher.

Smart pools can be installed in any shape or size. They are compatible with various kinds of pools, such as fibreglass pools. However, since a smart pool needs to be carefully installed, you should reach out to a reputed pool installation professional.

Enjoy the fun of owning a swimming pool without putting work into cleaning or maintaining it with a smart pool.