Building A New House? Here Is Why You Should Definitely Include a Fibreglass Pool!

Building a new house is a momentous and thrilling time. It allows you to customise your home to your liking to create a place you cannot wait to spend time at. Having a swimming pool nestled in the backyard is the icing on the cake for many. If you are thinking you’d like to install a pool at some point, here is why you should consider including one at your new home.

Provides the ultimate lifestyle

We Aussies love being outdoors, and having a space to spend quality time with those you care about is essential for most. How good your backyard is can affect the overall enjoyability you get out of your home. Given the current climate with continuous lockdowns on the cards for the unforeseeable future, having something like a pool to escape to can be highly beneficial to your mental and physical well being. A swimming pool can completely transform your and your families lifestyle. It provides a place to entertain, relax, exercise, and it encourages you outside to spend time in the fresh air and sunshine. All these things can be a positive influence on your health and lifestyle. A swimming pool is one of the few things that can entice kids off their devices. It keeps them busy, and they are getting in some physical activity without even noticing. When COVID restrictions are lifted, BBQ’s and getting together with loved ones is back on the agenda and what better place to do this than around the pool. It opens the door for fun, making memories and plenty of laughs.

Can take the appeal of your home to the next level

Undoubtedly your new home is going to look amazing, and a swimming pool can make it look that much better. The layout of your block can not only affect the functionality of the home, but it can also influence how aesthetically appealing your backyard looks. Modern fibreglass pools are captivating, and they become the focal point of your outdoor space. When figuring out where everything will go in your backyard, the first thing you should be determining is the placement of your swimming pool. It’s likely going to be the biggest element in the space, and it needs to be well-thought-out to get the best result. Once you have chosen where you want your pool to go, you can then work everything else around it. Leaving the pool to last may see limited room for it, or it may have to go in a less than ideal spot. If you know you want a pool but can’t afford it straight away, still work out where you like it so you can keep this area free for when you are ready to install it. This saves having to move or dig stuff up later. Factor in how the pool will look from inside the house too. You want to be able to see it from inside, especially if you have children, it allows you to keep an eye on them. Being able to see the pool from indoors can give your home a tranquil and oasis-like feel.

Better access

Many things can add to the end price of a pool installation, and one of them is how much access you have to the area that you want the pool to go. When it is difficult to get into the backyard or space is limited, this can require more specialised equipment, and it generally takes more time to get the pool where it needs to be. Putting in the pool first provides the pool builder with great access, and they can drive directly to the site with ease. This is the most ideal option, but even installing the pool while the house is being built can be easier as fences and landscaping haven’t usually been put in. This can make the installation process more straightforward.

More convenient

Once you can finally move into your newly built home, you want to be able to enjoy it in its entirety. Having pool builders at your place daily can prevent you from doing this. It can be noisy and messy. Why wait until you’ve moved in to then start the process when you can get it taken care of beforehand? Imagine moving in, and there’s nothing to do but relax and take in your new home and backyard. A pool build can take anywhere from a week to several weeks, and this can put your entertainment plans on hold until it is completed. If your pool is already built you can host a housewarming pool party straight away. If your budget allows and a swimming pool is a must-have, it is certainly worthwhile to get it installed before at the same time as your home.

Create a cohesive space

Your outdoor area should be simply an extension of your indoor areas if you’re looking to produce an impressive and contemporary home. Organising your pool build early on, allows you to create a cohesive design for both the home and the pool.

A swimming pool is an investment that pays for itself

Australians love their swimming pools, and we have more of them in this country than anywhere else in the world. Because of this, a home with a pool is more sought-after than one without one. A swimming pool can add significant value to a property, and while they are an initial outlay, if you ever decide to put your home on the market down the track, you can have confidence knowing you’ll be getting a healthy return for your investment. It’s a fact that prospective home purchasers pay more for homes with pools. If selling is something you’d consider, try and choose a timeless pool design rather than something that’s in trend right now. That way, if you don’t sell for a long time, your pool isn’t going to look outdated. Additionally, try to think of ways you can enhance the appeal of your pool. Some popular ideas are heating, lighting, and spa jets. While a lot of homes have pools, not all have these extra inclusions, and for some, these types of things can be the deciding factor. Have a chat with our experienced pool builders about what add-ons are available to you when installing a new fibreglass pool, as there are many.

The excitement that comes with building and moving into a new home is second to none. The day that you finally get your keys and can move in is one of those times in your life that you’ll likely look back on fondly. Don’t cloud this happy time by making the mistake of planning a pool install soon after you’ve moved in. It just prolongs the time that you have to wait until you can fully relax in your new home. If you are soon to build your dream home and you’d like more information about getting a pool installed before construction starts or not long thereafter, contact our team here at Fibreglass Pool Melbourne. We specialise in luxurious fibreglass pools that are simple and fuss-free to install, allowing you to soak up every moment of homeownership.