Can I put a swimming pool in my backyard? 

The simple answer to your question of ‘Can I put a pool in my backyard’ is ‘Yes’! Swimming pool companies have such a varied range these days, and when considering a pool for your place you will have to work out whether your backyard is suitable for an above ground, in-ground or partially in-ground pool. Ideally, a flat block with easy access to install the pool would make life easier. However, we understand that all backyards range in size, layout, access and soil quality. Fibreglass Pools Melbourne can help you achieve a new swimming pool that will fit seamlessly into most backyard areas. 

Before you start check council regulations & utilities 

It is recommended to check with the council for your area regarding any zoning, safety or building regulations that you will need to abide by. Of course, if you put the pool over sewers, storm drains, power, and gas pipes, it can be quite costly if any repairs need to be made. Your local council will provide information regarding their location, plus your pool builder will make sure they are not installing incorrectly. There are also restrictions on placing the pool too close to boundaries too. 

Choose a licensed pool builder 

It is especially important to hire a pool builder who is experienced in installing pools in atypical backyards if your backyard is extremely steep, the ground is full of rock, or the ability to access your yard is difficult. Also be aware that if your block has some concerns it could add to the total cost and time it will take to install your pool. 

Work out the space 

If you are short on space in your backyard, you will have to consider how big you want your pool to be, and how much garden or grass area you want? Will the pool take up most of your yard, or would you like to install a smaller pool so you can still have a garden or lawn? A general guide for you to think about: the pool and the pool surrounds should occupy approximately 25% of your total outdoor space. Allowing space for an entertaining area or even a play area for the kids. At Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we have a wide variety of pools suited to every backyard. From our smallest pool at 4.2m x 1.6m (Billabong Slimline Plunge pool), we also have a range of spas if you need something even smaller. To amplify a small space it’s a great idea to install the pool close to the house or a fence line. You can create an illusion of more space, by positioning the pool to run parallel along the longest part of your fence. 

The slope of your yard 

All of the fibreglass pools at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne can be installed in-ground, above ground and even partially in-ground! Our state of the art technology has allowed us to design our pools to fit into practically any backyard. The final price of installing a pool on a sloped block will vary depending on things like access, the steepness, and the soil quality. It can actually be quite a stunning feature to have a pool installed on a sloping block, as you can build a deck or

Patio around the pool that can bring the outdoor entertainment area and swimming pool together. 

The most important factor to consider will be drainage, this is important for all swimming pools but even more so for one installed on a sloping block. Excess rain or leaks may erode the slope that the pool is installed on, so drainage must be installed and directed away from the house to avoid water flowing towards it. It is best to avoid the steepest part of the yard when installing your pool as this will save money and time on the excavation. 

Access to your yard 

If your house is established or you have limited access, often a crane will be used to lift your pool in. It is generally a simple process that involves lifting the pool over your house and into your backyard, this can be quite costly, however it is rare that we need to do this. Installing the fibreglass swimming pool before starting construction of your new house, or larger properties with land are generally very easy and quick to install. No need to worry if you don’t have great access or it is limited, our experienced team will find a way to install your pool, it might just take more equipment and time to finish the job. 

Rocks and Excavation 

Some owners however may have an idea if they have done some construction or landscaping prior to booking their pool installation. If we have access to get a big excavator in your backyard, then rock isn’t really an issue. If it’s only a small excavator able to access your back yard- it will just take a bit longer. Each pool install will require some excavation. Having good access to your backyard will mean less time and less money spent. 

Positioning the pool and equipment 

If you have the space, your pool pump and equipment should be placed near the pool on the same level. This will reduce any unnecessary pressure on the pump. By installing your swimming pool facing north, and with ample sunlight, the sun will be able to warm your pool up by about 4 degrees. It might not be an option if you have a relatively small backyard, but for further consultation around positioning and equipment, please contact our friendly team at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne for advice. 

Over the years, Fibreglass Pools Melbourne we have installed thousands of pools in all sorts of backyards. We can transform your backyard, no matter the layout or size! Our experienced team looks forward to being able to advise you on options and considerations based on your backyard.