How Swimming In A Mineral Pool Improves Your Health

Mineral pools have quickly grown from a hot trend just a few years ago, to now a popular, healthy water system that is here to stay – and it’s not hard to see why. Mineral pools have been recommended by medical professionals and athletes for their surprising large range of health benefits. Did you know that naturally occurring mineral pools are some of the most popular and sought after tourist destinations across the globe? They might be onto something.

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What Distinguishes A Mineral Pool From A Normal One?

It’s important to note that while the common term that we use is mineral pool, it’s technically more correct to call it a mineral water system. This is because aside from the water cleaning system and the pool water being imbued with certain minerals instead of chemicals, there isn’t much difference between the two. To boil down to the nitty gritty: 

  • The water cleaning system. Most pools will use a large amount of chlorine in their pool’s cleaning system. This helps to sanitise the water and the pool’s surface, as well as prevent algae. Mineral water systems, however, use a smaller concentration of chlorine and instead opt for a high dose of minerals to keep your pool healthy.
  • Mineral water. Because of the lower dosage of chlorine and the resulting high amount of minerals in your pool, the water will take on the famous “silky smooth” feel. The water itself will look and act the same, although you will enjoy plenty of surprising benefits.

It is important to note that traditional pools can be converted to the mineral water system even after they’ve been installed. Additionally, even mineral water systems will still use a moderate amount of chlorine in the cleaning process.

What Minerals Go Into The System?

  1. Borates
  2. potassium chloride
  3. Sodium chloride
  4. Magnesium chloride

Healthy For Your Skin

The most recognisable health improvement from swimming in a mineral pool is what it does to your skin. Namely, the minerals will turn your pool water softer and smoother, meaning it will soothe your skin whenever you swim. It also makes for a more pleasant swim overall. This leads to glowing skin and less irritation; remember, you’ll be using far less chlorine in a mineral pool. That means you’ll have less chances to overload your pool, and your skin, with chlorine and other such chemicals. Additionally, the magnesium mineral, when absorbed by your skin, increases your bone density and strength. Surprisingly, it can also help prevent hair loss.

Softer On The Eyes

As we mentioned before, the softness of the water is particularly soothing to your skin. But did you know that mineral water has also been proven to be therapeutic to certain skin conditions, such as eczema? In addition to this, the silkiness of the water will also mean an easier time on your eyes. Chlorine has been known to sting and irritate the eyes of swimmers when the cleaning system chemicals are unbalanced – avoid this by using a mineral water system. You’ll be able to deep dive without goggles all weekend long!

Fix Your Sleep Schedule By Reducing Stress

A mineral water system will also make the water in your pool heavier. This aids the swimmer by providing a feeling of weightlessness, like you’re floating on a blanket. In combination with the soothing softness of the water you are sure to feel relaxed after a quick swim. Mineral water also helps keep your energy levels at a healthy level – meaning you can chase away feelings of lethargy with an afternoon dip.

Swimming a few hours before bed is a well-known process for constructing a healthy sleep schedule. Firstly, swimming will exercise the body and leave you at a healthy level of fatigue, so that you won’t be trying to sleep with any pent-up energy in your body. Did you know that a relaxing swim in a mineral pool will improve the blood circulation in your muscles, heart and brain?

A mineral pool will improve the blood circulation in your muscles, heart and brain…

Friendly To The Environment

Due to the significantly less amount of chlorine used in mineral pools, they are a standout choice for any eco-friendly conscious families. A mineral pool will not threaten any of your poolside plants or furniture, in contrast to a saltwater pool. Minerals, in fact, are fantastic at eliminating any calcium build-ups; meaning you’ll have much clearer pool water than a traditional pool. Lastly, the absence of overwhelming amounts of chlorine will mean less chance of your swimming clothes suffering from discolouration or degradation.

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Now you know the secret of mineral pools: namely, they can help reduce stress and soften your skin. They can even help you cut costs on your chlorine bills (minerals are cheaper) and improve the quality of your water. So, what are you waiting for? Mineral water systems can be installed in any pre-existing pool or purchased flat out with any pool from Fibreglass Pools Melbourne. So get into contact with our friendly team today!