Venice Slimline 6.2m x 3.45m

Venice Slimline 6.2m x 3.45m



Name Length (m) Width (m) Deep End (m) Shallow End (m)
Venice Slimline 6.20 3.45 1.72 1.24

Venice Slimline 6.2m x 3.45m

If you’re seeking a pool that beautifully complements your backyard without overwhelming it, look no further. Our understanding of the delicate balance between leisure and space has led us to create the Venice Slimline series.

Crafted with narrow outdoor spaces in mind or for those who wish to harmonize a thriving garden with aquatic delights, this range stands as the ultimate solution.

The entrance, thoughtfully designed for your comfort, not only presents an expansive swim-out bench that invites relaxation but also provides a practical step into the shallower zone of the pool. The remaining area is a canvas for you and your dear ones to paint with joyful moments.

Square corners lend an elegant touch, ensuring a seamless interplay with 90-degree paving for a polished look. The pool’s ideal water depth opens doors to various activities, making it perfect for refining your diving techniques.

For enhanced safety, every pool boasts a safety step ledge, 100mm wide, encircling the entire pool perimeter.

Please bear in mind that there might be slight variations between the physical pool shell and the provided drawings, and all dimensions are approximations you can trust.