The Most Important Pool Accessories Every Pool Owner Must Have

Nothing is more relieving than having a swimming pool during hot summer days. It is the best time of the year to enjoy and have fun with friends and families. Be it young or old people; almost everyone wants to dip into the water and experience the joy of being in the water. However, being a pool owner may not seem easy and involves a lot of work. But you have come to the right place because this article will guide and take you through the list of some important pool accessories every pool owner must have.

1. Wireless Pool Speakers

It’s fun and enjoyable to spend time in a swimming pool and having loud music to boost the atmosphere. In this situation, waterproof Bluetooth speakers are likely to become your best friend. They are built to resist water and getting any damage if used in and out of the pool. You can easily connect the speakers with your phone and play your favorite songs at the same time enjoying in the pool as it floats with you.

2. Aluminum Hangers

Owning a swimming pool is not as simple as you may think. Over time, you will acquire a lot of accessories and equipment. This is where aluminum hangers come in handy to organize things. You can hang vacuum hoses, pipes, and many other accessories that are scattered around the pool.

Nail some hangers on the wall and keep the surroundings clean and organized. This will prevent any accidents from happening and the accessories will last longer than when it’s scattered around on the floor. These aluminum hangers are built for heavy-duty work and do not rust.

3. Outdoor Cooler Table

A decorative and stylish pool accessory is the outdoor cooler table. This is no ordinary table but has an inbuilt cooler to keep your drinks and water chill. Thus, it serves both as a cooler and a table.

4. Storage Bin

When you own a swimming pool, you are likely to buy a lot of pool toys and overtime everything is scattered around the pool. Consider purchasing storage bins to store the toys in one place. These pool storage bins are primarily made with high-quality material, and designed to dry your pool toys. This way it prevents molds to form. They come in wheels so you can push it around to any safe place.

5. Pool Rescue Equipment

As a pool owner, it is very important to keep first-aid and other equipment ready to assist during emergencies. There are a number of rescue equipment available for use; however some essential necessities that every pool owner must have are a ring buoy, life jackets, and life hooks. Being prepared with these safety measures can save a person’s life.

The ring buoy will help the swimmer to stay afloat while you can use the life hook to pull the swimmers to safety. Choose a sturdy and extendable life hook so that it’ll be long enough to save the swimmers. Keep this equipment in an open space near the pool so that you can easily access them when an emergency happens.

6. Cleaning Equipment

Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Pool vacuum cleaners are beneficial as they are portable with high-speed quality, which enables you to clean the pool faster than with a manual vacuum cleaner. Make your life easier with this equipment as it cleans the pool and collects debris in the filter bag attached to it. Thus saving you from cleaning the dirt and debris clogging the drains.

With technology improving at a high speed, it becomes important to be on par with the latest technologies, and these portable vacuum cleaners are a must have for every pool owner.

Chemical Floater

When it comes to the swimming pool, it’s always important to keep it clean and hygienic. For this, a chemical floater, also known as a floating chlorinator, comes to your rescue. It is simply a piece of equipment where you’ll put chlorine tablets inside the device and it releases the chemicals into the water, making the water clean and blue.

This device is available for both big and small pools which do most of the work in keeping your swimming pool clean and keeps hassle-free.

Pool Brush

Pool hygiene is very important. Whether you use chemicals, it is necessary to brush the surface to remove algae and prevent stains and corrosion. It comes in a long handle allowing you to reach the bottom of the pool easily.

7. Pool Steps and Ladders

Everyone loves swimming pools including small kids and older people so it is important to install steps and ladders to prevent any mishaps. Pool steps are safer than ladders and more convenient for kids and aging people. Choosing a non-slippery surface and installing railings can create more security.

Ladders on the other hand can be useful to create multiple exits, increasing the accessibility of your pool. However, choose durable materials to resist stains, weather, and water and be sure that the ladder is not floating.

8. Skimmer

Another important maintenance tool to keep your pool clean and hygienic is the Skimmer. It sucks the top layer of the water to filter out large debris such as hair, twigs, leaves, bugs, plastics, etc before they descend down to the bottom. You can choose to install any skimmer as it is designed to clean and protect your pool. A Manual skimmer is also available for you to collect debris floating on the surface at any time of the day.

9. Alarms

Installing pool alarms is a great way to keep away any unwanted visitors or intruders from accessing your pool. You can have the alarms installed in the pool deck, doors, windows, porch area, etc. Motion detector alarms are also available at your convenience where you can put them inside and outside the water. The alarm will go off if anything or anyone steps inside the perimeter of your pool.

10. Pool Covers

Covering your pool during winter is important as it will not only protect your pool but also serve as a safety measure to prevent any accidents.

You can also put an additional cover to collect fallen leaves, dust, and other particles so that you can easily remove them with ease.

If you can afford it, owning a solar cover can give extra benefits during winter as compared to normal pool covers. The solar cover works as a heater and raises the temperature, keeping the water warm and also prevents the water from evaporating. Aside from these beneficial factors, a solar cover will allow you to enjoy swimming in early fall and late winter. The solar blanket can extend your swimming season by allowing you to use your pool earlier in the spring and later in the fall.

There are many pool accessories that you can equip yourself with but keep in mind that safety comes first. The responsibilities are in your hands, and you want everyone to be safe from your pool. Once you get your gears ready to make your swimming pool a safe space, every pool user will confidently go on about with their activities keeping you less worried.