Which Pool Size Is The Best?

Understanding which pool size is the most popular – or, the best – can be a great way to make your decision on which pool to buy easier. Sometimes, the sheer amount of fibreglass pool size options out there on the market can be a little overwhelming – and we don’t blame you! You’ll want to know what size pool is best suited to your home before buying, and if its advantages align well with your lifestyle. The good news? We’ve compiled this article on Australia’s most popular fibreglass pool size. The bad news? It’s a 2-way tie. The extra, extra good news? There is no wrong choice!


The Popular Choice Between Small And Medium

The  2-way tie between Australia’s best pool size (judged by each size’s popularity) is between small and medium pools.

This is unsurprising, as both pools offer unique advantages that are in high demand by contemporary homes. 

Small pools, on the one hand, provide the perfect opportunity for homeowners with small backyards to be able to fit an award-winning fibreglass pool into their home. 

Medium pools of course offer an enjoyable amount of space to swim for their homeowners, without needed to take up too much backyard space. 

It’s obvious then, that the contents between the two for the best pools size is a close one. Moreover, the best pool for you and your family will most likely come down to your personal preference. But to give you a helping hand, we’ve curated the benefits of each size below.

Advantages Of A Medium Pool

As we discussed earlier, the main advantage of a medium-sized pool over that of a small size is its larger space. This space can be used to fit more family members, friends or guests in the pool at once. It also means you more easily swim laps that are longer and psychically challenging. This is typically why almost all lap pools are medium in length. 

Medium-sized are usually long in length and narrow in width. They will have a deeper depth than small pools. Medium-sized pool owners will also enjoy a wider selection of pool designs and ranges. This will include features such as a curve on one side, a wading platform, more room underwater LED lights and even an inbuilt spa.

One thing to note is that medium pools will still be relatively easy to clean, especially if you make use of a skimmer and pool cover. However, as you may imagine, they will invariably take longer to clean (and heat) than a small-sized pool would.


Advantages Of A Small Pool

A small pool can offer your home plenty of benefits. Foremost among these is its compact size that is easy to fit in narrow backyards, smaller properties, and even indoor or courtyard pools!

Small pools are also fantastically easy to clean and maintain. Due to their reduced size, very few leaves will fall into their water – meaning less work for you! A pool cover will also come cheaper for a small-sized pool as well. 

Additionally, a small pool will heat much faster and retain that heat for longer periods of time than a medium-sized pool. This can translate to lower and more cost-effective heating bills for your home. Small-sized pools are perfect for families who want a pool that is more casual-focused and easily accessible. Small pools are typically a more affordable option, especially if you don’t plan on swimming regularly.

There Is No Wrong Choice

Remember that extra good news we mentioned earlier? There is no wrong choice! That’s right, although the race for Australia’s best pool size is a close one in terms of popularity, it is ultimately your opinion that matters the most to you. You may not particularly care for swimming laps, even if others do. Likewise, you may not mind spending a few extra minutes every afternoon cleaning leaves out of your pool. In fact, it is most likely that your home and your family have a set of needs completely different from other pool owners. So choose the option that works best for you! It’s more than likely that either a small or medium-sized pool will suit what you are looking for.

So, what’s the next step? That’s easy: visit Fibreglass Pools Melbourne’s website today to see our exclusive list of small and medium-sized pools, loved by Australia. Your dream pool is waiting for you!