Why Are Small Pools So Popular?

Small pools have quickly become one of Australia’s most popular pool sizes. In fact, our statistics show that small pools are on par with medium-sized pools as the most popular pool size! But what are the reasons behind this, and what does this revelation mean for you if you’re considering purchasing a fibreglass pool? Well, we’ve taken a deep dive into the data and emerged with some of the biggest reasons why small pools are so popular amongst pool owners. Read on!


#1 Easy To Fit Onto Your Property

One of the most obvious reasons for the popularity of small pools is – you may have expected it – their small size! A small pool can fit onto almost any home or property, making previously out-of-reach pools now available for many Australian families. You will no longer have to forgo owning a pool simply because the only options on the market are medium and large-sized pools. Small pools are also particularly popular among urban and inner-city homes, as these kinds of properties traditionally have less space in their backyard. The advent of small pools has opened the door for many Australian families to finally be able to fit a pool into their homes.

#2 Affordable

Tying in with the previous point, a small pool is also far more affordable cost-wise than large and medium-sized pools. Small pools are easier to manufacture, transport and install than larger pools, meaning that general costs will be lower. Combine an affordable price with an easy-to-fit size, and you can begin to appreciate exactly why small pools have become so popular: they’re the most accessible pool by far! Here at Fibreglass Pools Melbourne, we believe that no family should ever have to forgo a fibreglass pool simply because of space or price.

#3 Sleek Design

Small pools also have the benefit of possessing a new and stylish design. Medium and large-sized pools might have a larger swimming space, but this can oftentimes come at the cost of clunky shapes and an overwhelming need for space. Small pools on the other hand look sharp and can be easily built around with poolside design choices. Plunge pools are a particular statement piece for savvy pool owners.

#4 Less Ongoing Maintenance

Another advantage that small pools bring is the low maintenance requirements of their size. Because their surface area is smaller than other pool sizes, you will find that they attract fewer leaves, insects and organic debris than average. Essentially, this means less time spent skim cleaning and maintaining a chemical balance for you! Small pools are well known for their easy-to-handle maintenance requirements, and as such are the pool of choice for families that have neither the time nor the desire to spend hours cleaning.

#5 Families Have Less Time For Swimming

In this day and age, Australian families are finding that they have other priorities that detract from swimming time. Although this may be an unfortunate reality, it is also a situation in which many pool owners have accepted. Prospective pool owners, therefore, do not want to be spending large amounts of their money on huge pools that they will end up not using and making the most of their investment. A small swimming pool has proven to be the perfect fit for families not wanting to make swimming a lifestyle, but instead a fun hobby that need not break their bank account or time limit.

A Final Note On Small Pools

And there you have it! Small pools are a fan favourite because their size allows them plenty of benefits that would otherwise be missed by larger pools. These include a more affordable price, lower maintenance and sleeker designs. If any of these points interest you, then come and view our expansive small fibreglass pool range today!

A Small Pool Can Fit Easily Onto Your Property

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