Why Travertine Is An Ideal Choice For Pool Decking

Summer is just around the corner. On those hot summer days, the best way to cool down is by taking a dip in your fibreglass pool. You can spend time with your family, throw a pool party, and make memories that you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

But your pool deck is also important. Maybe you're someone who is considering taking the plunge and investing in a fibreglass pool. If you want to get a pool, you'll need to build a pool deck for that, and travertine is perfect for pool decks.

Travertine pavers are becoming more popular among home pool owners. But why do so many home pool owners choose travertine as the material for their paving? Let's find out.

What Is Travertine?

Travertine is a stone that is found naturally. To be more specific, it’s a sedimentary rock. In the beginning, travertine starts out as limestone. After specific circumstances are met, that limestone can transform into travertine.

Travertine is naturally found near hot springs as well as caves. The mineral water that is being released from the geothermal hot springs can sometimes come into contact with limestone. When this contact persists for long periods of time, travertine is formed. When it’s formed, it’s a compressed solid structure. Travertine has small holes in it, as a result of the hot games and water being released through these areas as it was being formed.

Spring water that has a lot of calcium bicarbonate ends up adding to the formation of stalagmites. This spring water can also fall over the edge of a cliff, and when it cools, it leaves behind calcium deposits. This is how white travertine stones are made.

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The Difference Between Travertine And Marble

Marble, as well as travertine, are both stones that are naturally formed. But these materials are different and don’t have the same properties.

For marble to be formed, either limestone or travertine needs to be put under heat as well as pressure for long periods of time. The marble formed in this way is crystallised such that it’s harder than travertine.

Travertine is found in Turkey, Mexico, Iran, Peru and the most famous of them all, Italy. The Roman Colosseum was constructed using travertine. Travertine was found in Tivoli. The mineral springs there had ended up creating layers of travertine that were at least 300 ft thick. This stone was later used to construct the Colosseum.

Travertine has been used by people across the world for millennia. It continues to be used by builders and designers for everything from patios to pool decks, walkways to stairways, and more.

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The Benefits Of Getting Travertine Pavers

There are several benefits associated with using travertine pavers for your pool deck. They include:

1. The Texture Is Non-Slip

Your pool deck is bound to get wet from time to time. This is why you need to choose material for your decking that isn’t very slippery. This way, you can help prevent injuries stemming from falls and slips. Travertine pavers have pores that can absorb water. These pores keep water from being left standing on the deck’s surface. It also promotes drainage.

You can also treat your travertine pavers with a special product that makes them even more non-slippery.

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2. Resistance To Heat

If you live somewhere where it gets hot in the summer, then you should know that certain materials get very hot under the sun. When left exposed to the summer sun, pavers made of such materials can easily burn your bare feet.

Travertine pavers on the other hand will keep your feet cool, even during the summer months.

3. Natural Beauty

Travertine has been used for centuries for its beauty as well as functionality. There are natural variations in colours as well as patterns, that ooze luxury as well as opulence. If you want your pool deck to look timeless, then getting travertine pavers could be perfect for you.

4. Increase Your Property Value

A travertine pool deck can delight potential buyers, should you ever decide to sell your property. Travertine pavers are also durable and can last good for years to come. When you install your pavers, that’s the only investment you’ll need to make. You can continue to enjoy and use your travertine pavers for years to come.

5. Durability

Travertine decks can last for a long time. If you maintain your pool deck well, then your pavers will last even longer. There are travertine structures that have lasted well over a hundred years. Travertine pavers can also handle high foot traffic.

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6. More Affordable

Compared to marble and granite, travertine is more affordable. There are various pricing ranges you can get for travertine, but even then it generally costs less than marble or granite. If you want to make use of natural stone to create your pool deck, then travertine can be an excellent option for you.

If you buy travertine that is of higher quality such as those that are specially polished and then treated, then your travertine will cost more.

7. Replacing It Is Easy

Should a paver get damaged in any way, then substituting it for a new travertine paver is very easy.

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8. Available Colours

There are various shades that you can get travertine in. This stone can be made to fit into practically any colour scheme. If you make use of particular sealants, the hue of your travertine can be further deepened and made to look darker.

9. Efflorescence

Travertine pavers won’t fade with time. This means that you don’t have to worry about its colour changing as a result of exposure to various elements. There are also some pool decking materials that release a white powder that’s salty. Travertine is not one of them.

10. Eco Friendly

If you want the product you use to be non-toxic and friendly to the environment, then travertine could be perfect. Compared to marble or porcelain, travertine is more environmentally friendly. 

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Travertine is a great material that you can choose for your pool deck. Durable, non-slippery and affordable, travertine decks look gorgeous as well. Use this guide to learn why you should get a travertine pool deck.