10 Of The Best Pool Upgrades That Will Save You Money Time And Energy

A swimming pool is a lifetime investment. It is a welcome addition to a home. Apart from becoming a place to invite guests, a pool is a great place for making positive memories.

Adding modern pool upgrades will increase your property value. The right upgrades can help save on energy costs and keep money in your wallet.

Here are 10 pool upgrades that will maximize savings this season.

1. Update The Pool Finish

If your pool is heated, this simple change will reduce energy costs and beautify your pool even further. Consider dark finishes for the pool. This helps absorb more of the sun’s UV rays. Although UV is bad for your skin, it’s an excellent and efficient way to warm up the pool. With this natural heating method, you’re cutting down on energy use and saving money at the same time. A pool finish upgrade gives your pool an instant facelift at a fraction of the cost.

2. Replace The Current Pool Pump

Modern pool pumps are designed for efficiency. If you’ve had your pool for a while, your pump is probably outdated and inefficient. This is a huge money guzzler. Increase your savings with a variable speed pump. This pump type relies on a magnetic-based motor. It reduces energy consumption, noise, and vibration. Unlike old pumps that have only one speed, variable pumps are equipped with adjustable speeds-between 3 to 8 settings. There’s also a built-in timer.

Variable speed pumps are known for cutting electricity costs. The adjustable settings will optimize how long and when your pump operates. This minimizes the wear and tear on the pump and extends its life. When shopping for variable pumps, look for ENERGY-STAR® ratings. This saves up to 90% of electricity use compared to traditional pumps.

In fact, these pumps are so efficient that the EPA has made it mandatory to install variable speed pumps on pools from 2021.

3. Buy A Bigger Pool Filter

The pool’s filter keeps the water clear by filtering out debris. A large filter has a bigger surface area for the water to flow through. This means the pump doesn’t have to work too hard to maintain water circulation. Since the pump is using less energy, it will have a long shelf life.

4. Choose A Heat Pump

If your pool is in a covered or naturally shaded area, then investing in a solar water heater isn’t feasible. In such cases, shop for a sturdy heat pump. These have been in the market for some time. However, modern heat pumps are far more efficient because they need less energy to operate. Modern heat pumps are eco-friendly. These pumps rely on the air temperature to heat the air. They function best when the external temperature is 55 degrees. When the air gets cooler, it will cool down the pool on very hot days.

5. Conduct Routine Maintenance

Ensure your pool pump and filter are always in good condition. This helps them operate at their peak efficiency. Keeping the pool water clean and germ-free is always the goal. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, then conducting pool chores won’t be a problem. But if you tend to get lazy, then consider hiring external pool maintenance professionals to help you out. They have fixed maintenance plans to clean your pool on a routine basis.

Click here for a complete pool maintenance checklist!

6. Invest In Automation

There are tech gadgets you can implement to automate pool systems on a regular basis. Temperature adjustments, filter monitoring, and heating systems are just a few things that can be automated. In addition, you may track your pool systems and performance via your smartphone phone. This is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.

7. Use Robots

If you do not prefer complete automation, enlist in a robotic pool cleaning method. It takes the hassle away from pool maintenance. Robots are competent pool cleaners. They’ve been in the market for a while. And they’ve come a long way since their first-generation models.

Modern robotic units clean everything from the pool floor to the pool water, to the steps, walls, and other surfaces. They’re able to do all this in a fraction of the time and energy of a regular cleaning system or vacuum.

The only thing you would have to do is manually place and remove the robotic cleaner from the pool. From time to time, the robotic cleaner also needs cleaning.

8. Automated Cleaners

You can install pop-ups in your pool. These literally pop up on your pool surfaces, such as the benches, walls, and steps. They spray these surfaces with pressurized water to push off debris and dirt to the main drain. These pop-up systems are just as efficient as robotic cleaners.

9. Include Pool-Friendly Landscaping

If you want to incorporate or update the landscaping around the pool, consider features that will positively impact your pool. For instance, plant natural windbreakers like shrubs and trees. These minimize heat loss and keep the pool warm without increasing the thermostat. Natural windbreakers also reduce evaporation. This lowers your water bill. If shrubs and trees sound like too much maintenance, then consider a hard-scaped wall or pergola.

10. Put A Lid On It

What causes your pool heater to run longer than required? Heat loss. Evaporation is responsible for up to 75 per cent of heat loss. The easiest and quick-fix solution is placing a lid on the swimming pool. However, not any lid will do. Consider a solar pool lid or cover. Solar cover minimize evaporation and heat loss with a lot of grace. They’re also very easy to place. Did we forget to mention they’re quite affordable too!

Covers work by creating a barrier between your pool and the external atmosphere. This barrier harnesses solar energy and heat and reduces the rate of evaporation. If there is better heat retention in the pool, then your heater has to work less. This cuts down on electricity use.

There are many ways to cut costs and maximize the life of your swimming pool. Invest in these 10 pool upgrades and start enjoying money and energy savings immediately.