Do I Really Need A Pool Cover?

When someone installs a pool they will definitely come across pool covers. While the name is self-explanatory there is a divide in the pool community whether it is a great choice or not. If you are one of those people who would like their pool to be low maintenance in the long run then a pool cover is a must for you. Not only is extends the swim season in your household, but it also reduces water evaporation, chemical costs, and reduces pool heating.

The main reason a pool cover receives backlash is due to the fact that it is not the most aesthetically pleasing thing. It, in most cases will take attention away from the space that you have curated around your pool. Also, most of the pool covers are an eyesore and definitely not the first choice for people who like their possessions to be artistic. But it is functional, to say the least.

If you are against pool covers we will give you 10 reasons to get one and how it will be a great decision on your part.

1. Slows/Stops Evaporation

All of us have come across the concept of evaporation in our schools. When water is heated it changes into water vapour and rises up into the atmosphere. If you are well versed with the theory of it you will be pleased to find that your pool is a live example of the phenomenon.

When the sun warms up the top layer or surface of the pool water, it evaporates and leaves the pool. If left unattended you could lose a lot of water to heat and this is certainly not a case you want. The lost water adds to the cost of maintaining the pool. A pool cover easily reverses this situation and ends up being cost-effective in the long run.

2. Swimming Pool Retains Its Heat

If you cover the pool at night the water will not lose its heat over the course of the night. This means when you take a dip in the morning the pool water will still be relatively warm. This is important as warm water makes it easier to use the pool.

Even a cheap pool cover will do the trick here and have a substantial effect on the heat retention aspect. Cheap Vinyl or solar covers will do the trick.

3. Reduces Chemical Usage

With a pool cover as you lose less water your pool water’s chemical composition changes less frequently. What this means is that water chemistry remains stable over a longer time. Thus, you are able to reduce the chemicals that you pour into the water, especially chlorine.

Excess of pool chemicals cause different reactions and a pool cover will reduce their use by up to 60%.

4. Keeps Unwanted Things Out

A pool without a cover would be filled with debris like leaves and twigs in just a few days’ time. Also, dust is also an issue. All this unwanted material makes the pool dirty and an eyesore. All this can easily be avoided with a simple pool cover.

If you decide against a pool cover you will spend your morning with a net to fish out all these things from the pool on a regular basis. If you don’t want to go after every little thing that lands in your pool invest in a pool cover.

5. Money Saved

Look at a pool cover like an investment. It might not be the best thing that you could have bought with that money, but the cover will pay for itself over time. It saves your pool’s heat and stops the debris from falling. The chemical composure of the pool is not altered regularly due to various factors. All these reasons alone should convince you.

6. Reduces Maintenance Costs

As the pool cover provides protection from sunlight and debris, it reduces your operational costs. Thus, in tandem with the saying that money saved is money earned. Your heating bill will be lower. Lower chemicals = lower costs of operating the pool. And no more regular cleaners too.

7. Energy Costs

Your energy costs will go down as you don’t have to heat the pool frequently or wash it regularly. Thus, the less frequent use of such things ends up saving you money in the long run. A pool cover is an initial investment that saves a lot of money over the years.

8. Conserves Water

Another benefit is that a pool cover reduces evaporation and reduces the debris in the pool. In both cases, it helps you by conserving water. When too much debris is in the pool you will have to drain out the pool and wash the filters. All this time, effort, and water can be saved with a simple pool cover.

9. Safety

A sturdy and hard fiberglass mesh over the pool will prevent anything or anyone from falling into the pool. This is especially useful if you have pets or toddlers. This can come in handy when you are not using the pool but still want to have people over. No accidents or wet clothes. No pranks either, all thanks to the pool cover.

10. Ease of Use

An automatic or retracting cover can make the pool ready for use in a matter of minutes. This is the same as the garage door that you once thought would be useless if automated. You changed your mind about that and the same thing could happen with this.

Two pool covers come into mind if you are looking for the best of the best

1. ABGAL’s Solar Cover

This pool covers retains heat and reduces evaporation by 99%. A great buy for anyone looking for a pool cover the $1,000 mark. The ideal storage for such a thing would be the ABGAL Endurance Cover with a roller. This makes it easy to store your pool cover and extends its life.

2. Remco

Remco also has a great cover for the under $4,000 category. It is a child and pet-proof cover and can help you void countless accidents.

Adding A Pool Cover Later?

If you are not sure about whether you should have a pool cover or not you can always add a pool cover later on. This might not be the best solution but definitely a possibility in the future. The main challenge is how you will place a pool cover storage unit. In most cases, the pool cover will be large and not the most flexible or manageable thing. Many clients try to use the pool for at least a season or two before they decide to add a pool cover.

If you do not have adequate space for a pool cover storage unit then there are a few alternate ways to store it too. Make sure you take an expert opinion and consult other people too. A pool is a long time investment that will help you create a lot of memories with your friends and family. Keep this in mind while you finalize this decision. Like anyone, you would like the experience of owning a pool as hassle-free as possible. A few good decisions will go a long way.