5 Ways A Spa Can Benefit Your Health

Most Australians are well aware of the health benefits that regular swimming conveys. We are a nation of champion swimmers, after all. But did you know that you can receive just as many of those same benefits by owning a spa instead? Well, you can! Plus, you get the added benefit of staying warm! (Hint: you also don’t have to strain yourself as hard.) So, read on to learn how a spa can cultivate a healthy lifestyle for you!


1. Muscle Relaxant And Proven Recovery

Hot water is a natural muscle relaxant; just think back to all those hot showers you’ve had after a hard day’s work. Now imagine soaking yourself fully in a heated spa and you can see the results multiply! By submerging yourself fully in a spa and remaining there for an extended period of time (10 – 20 minutes is the ideal time) you can achieve a full body relaxant for your tired muscles. Additionally, most spas will have seating areas or even a space to lie down! This will help you achieve a state of total relaxation.

If you’re interested in more ways to relieve aching muscles and tired joints, then you should consider hydrotherapy. Spas are particularly good for this. In fact, gold medallist athletes have been using spas in their post-workouts for decades! The idea is to position yourself in front of your spa’s jet streams: the stream of water will penetrate your muscle’s deep tissue and provide a massage-like experience. Most spa jets can be altered to be stronger or softer, too.

2. Avoid Distractions By Clearing Your Mind In A Spa

Another great way that spas help improve your sleeping patterns is their ability to remove distractions from the moment. For safety reasons, you likely wouldn’t be using your phone in the spa. This gives you a good period of time away from technology and any distractions such as social media or work-related anxieties. Your sleeping pattern will thank you and you will be able to sleep with a clear mind

Spas are a great way to distance yourself from distracting technology

3. Sleep Sounder And Deeper

Relaxing your body before bed is a natural way to improve your sleep. It follows then that a quick dip in a spa a few hours before bedtime can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. A relaxed body is much more likely to fall asleep soundly and not be tossing and turning during the night.

4. A Spa Can Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety

The benefits of a spa don’t just extend to your physical body. They include positively benefiting your metal state as well. Hydrotherapy is a proven method to significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels, particularly if you do so regularly just before bed.

The weightlessness feeling you receive from submerging yourself in water, combined with the soothing warmth and gentle jet streams, is a fantastic way to alleviate any stress and anxiety that you may be feeling. Additionally, we recommend putting away your phone whilst in the pool, so that you may focus solely on the moment and ignore any distractions that may be the source of your stress.

…Hydrotherapy is a proven method to significantly reduce your stress and anxiety…

5. Regular Spa Swims Can Unlock Healthier Skin

Regular swims in a spa will significantly reduce your stress; and less stress means naturally less wrinkles and skin irritation. A good tip is to fully immerse yourself in the moment during your spa swim. Put aside your phone, close your eyes and relax your body – unclench your jaw and roll your shoulders back.

If you’re looking for an even greater treatment for your skin, then mineral pools are a fantastic way to positively affect your skin. Did you know that mineral water can soothe arthritic joint pain, soothe skin conditions such as eczema and gives your spa water that “silky” feeling that will improve your swimming experience? We did; and we think you should too! Regularly swimming in mineral pools has also been known to increase bone density and even prevent hair loss! Plus, you won’t have to worry about skin irritation from chlorine imbalance.

Spas  from Fibreglass Pools Melbourne can be installed with mineral water systems or even post-installation.

Did you know that regular swimming – even if it’s simply lounging in a spa – can be a healthy workout and contribute to a healthy lifestyle? So, what are you waiting for? With winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time to view our large range of heated spas and fibreglass pools. Contact Fibreglass Pools Melbourne now for your free quote!